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This report is brought to you by Jan C. The opinions expressed are those of the person(s) who submitted the report and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of NetNude.

The images are all full size, except the group shot.

Cypress Cove Group  Group shot at the Cypress Cove Get-Together (Click on image to display a larger picture.) There were 27 of us altogether. Some of the people are hidden but this is the only shot with the most people in it. Front row (left to right): Gent, JanC, aMikey (sitting), cyndiann. Second row: ChrisNaturist, Tan/man, Dee, Bob, Tom, LadyD, Gangreen. Third row: Hastybob, Chey, Robb with rubber chicken on his head, MancolaBob (hidden), Brian (hidden), Lee, RJ. Fourth row: Don, John. (This is a Large picture: 175KB)

All reports are alphabetical by person. Some people didn't do a report, even though I nagged them incessantly :-)

Report by Barefoot.

We had a good mix of planned events and non-scheduled time. Although I do wish that we could have gotten everyone into the hot tub at the same time. Also, the event needed more women, although I know that is beyond your control. I really enjoyed meeting the people whom I know only by a computer screen chat. It's interesting how some of their personalities are reflected in their on-line chat.

That was really my first visit to a nudist resort, so I really cannot compare it to any other resorts. However, a. I thought that the food service was excellent. I was very impressed with the restaurant. b. The hot tub was too hot. Also, I thought that their limit of 10 people in the hot tub was unnecessary.

Report by Bob P.

Bob P. and RJ  Bob P. and RJ with waterguns.

Arriving at the Orlando airport on Friday morning, March 12th, I picked up a rental car and headed to Wal-Mart to pick up a few critical supplies. After selecting five assorted waterguns, I felt that I was prepared for the NetNude gathering at Cypress Cove, so I proceeded to the resort posthaste. After checking into my room I immediately stripped off and went looking for the rest of the gang. I didn't have far to go, since Jan's apartment was only two doors from my room.

The afternoon was spent meeting new friends - and engaging in a watergun battle or two. I have a vague memory of the other events of that afternoon, except that I do remember convincing Jan (for her own good, of course!) to join me in a brisk walk of about a mile-and-a-half. I then had to leave to go to the airport to pick up my roommate, so I have no idea of what activities took place in the evening. I do know that the afternoon and evening included time in the sun, visits to the Cheeks bar, and lots of time socializing in the hot tub.

Saturday after some of the group played a round of golf we gathered for the body painting (with a few watergun attacks as we gathered). Jan stenciled a series of pink cat's paw prints across my chest, two versions of Tigger appeared on other folks' bodies, there were flowers, butterflies, and smiley faces. Mike painted "NetNude" on Jan's left shoulder.

Jan 2  Jan, bodypainted by Mike.

Once properly painted, we all posed for the NetNude group photograph. Unable to convince Jan to join me for another brisk walk, I went alone for two miles while individual photographs were being taken.

Saturday night we assembled in the Terrace room for a party. Jan and Lee made pina coladas (there is some uncertainty as to how many batches were made, as the bartenders were also partaking). Someone unidentified apparently polished off a bottle or two of wine. The night was capped off with another visit to the hot tub. (Editor: Could this have been Bob? heh heh)

Sunday was a rainy day, but what nudist ever let a little rain be a problem? We gathered by the pool to eat spiked watermelon and play games, which we invented as we went along.

Blow Ball 3  A new sport - Blow Ball

Visits to the Cheeks bar and the hot tub alternated with the other activities, including a game of hot tub volleyball played with a beach ball. Some other folks not members of our group joined in the fun. Finally we ended up in Jan's apartment telling stories and laughing until our sides hurt. We learned about jello shots and sampled some made by some of our group. Somehow a story about sheep at Hedonism II led to a long series of comments which I will not repeat here, but if visitors to the NetNude chat room should observe and occasional "baaa" or other references to sheep they should not be surprised!

Monday morning Jan drove the golf cart she had rented on a tour of the property. After lunch, several of the group gathered in the hot tub. Unfortunately, at this time I had to leave, very reluctantly, having spent a delightful weekend!

The best thing I remember about Cypress Cove is several things: the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff, the nice room, the Cheeks bar, the hot tub.

The worst thing I remember about Cypress Cove is having to leave! Seriously, I think the worst thing is the small size of the pool and pool area.

Report by Brian.

We thought all the people in our group were a great bunch.. and the most important part was that we had the privilege of making new friends, that share the same interests in Naturism/Nudism, in enjoying the sun, great outdoors and just plain relaxing, all natural. The water wars were a lot of fun, as was the body painting and of course, let's not forget the fun we had partying together.

ChrisNaturist 1  ChrisNaturist, bodypainting by Mike.

We're very happy we were able to attend this event.. Wouldn't have missed it for all the textile world. LOL

The best thing about Cypress: Cheeks bar was nice, the resturant service, staff, and food was very good. The rooms were clean, and nice also.

The worse thing about Cypress: It rained Sunday, was a little chilly, and the drive home. LOL

Report by Chey.

Never talk to strangers, I was always told so I had concerns about being in the Chat room and having fun with strangers on line. Then the opportunity to meet these strangers came about at the Cypress Cove event. To my surprise they became the perfect strangers. They became my friends.

Our fearless leader, JanC, was a gracious hostess and can spin a world class blender for pina coladas. She kept the fun racing on with body painting to water battles to table ball with straws, ( how well can you blow a ball)? hehehe!
Blow Ball 2  Blow Ball during the rain.
WE sucked spiked watermelon through straws and played hot tub volly ball. And enough laughter to fill the most empty soul flowed like wild honey. Not a face was spared the <BG>. We shot pool, alas we have a shark among us.
Gent and Mareze  Gent and Mareze, the pool shark.
Threw darts and grabbed toys to play with (she said sheepishly) . We ate and drank beyond enough. Cheeks will always remember the NetNude friends. Can we have just one more round? Some funny game called golf??? Was that golf? Nine holes, not very long but lots of trees to go over under and around. Kareoke anyone?? Only one of us was brave but what a voice, thanks Dan. A few stayed to enjoy the St. Patricks Day party to toast with food and drink into the wee hours of the morn. Some even missed their plane so they could stay one more day in the perfect world called Cypress Cove. Lets do it again.

Report by Dee.

Dee 1  Dee and Tiggar, bodypainted by Lee.

Cypress just happen's to be one of my favorite places. For many reasons, such as super friendly people, helpful staff, you can bring your own food and drink in the pool area.

Lee asked Brian if he wanted to drive the golf cart, and I told him that it would probably end up in the pool, so Lee ended up driving Brian around.... when we could find the cart.... Hmmmm , seems it always vanished,,, the case of the missing golf cart.. LOL

BobH and Jan  Bob H. and Jan beside the ever missing golf cart.
Lee painted Tigger on my back, and after washing him off at the end of the day... I really didn't want to lose my friend Tigger so soon.... but much to my surprise he was still on my back... with a nice RED glow around him.

Dee 2

Report by Don.

It was a warm Friday afternoon and I was sitting under the awning of the pool bar patio at Cypress Cove, telling some newfound friends who were new to naturism about The Naturist Society. I was showing them the "N" Magazine article "Naturism & The Web", explaining that I was looking for someone from this group. As usual there was a nice crowd around the pool and finding anyone whom you had never seen before would be difficult. A lovely lady happened by and, seeing herself in the photo, said "That's me!" It was Jan Crimmings, organizer of the gathering, and the NetNude Website. That was the beginning of a glorious fun weekend with some of the very nicest and fun naturists around.

Jan 1  Jan with bubbles on the tennis court.
Jan led me to the motel rooms where they were staying and invited me to go for a walking tour of Cypress Cove with the bunch who was already there. We made two complete rounds which included a very nice nature trail, leaving Jan begging for a break. After cleaning up and resting while other NetNuders showed up, we headed for the really great Cove Lakeside Restaurant and Bar for fun and games, refreshments, and refueling.

Friday night and Saturday found still more web naturists showing up from all parts of Canada and the U.S. Saturday afternoon we had a great body painting and photo session lakeside. Among the group are some pretty talented body artists. It seemed a shame to have to wash it off, but wash it off they did - with a water cannon war. There was no shortage of water artillery. For me, the highlight of every day is a long soak in the hot tub sharing enlightening and amusing conversation with the group. What a perfect way to end a perfect day.

It is a wonderful thing to see so many people who had only known each other as a name in an Internet chat room finally getting together face to face, many for the first time, at a really great resort like Cypress Cove. I really enjoyed the gathering very much and since the weather was a bit on the cool side at night, the hot tub pow-wows were special. Having been to many naturist gatherings and nudist conventions, I have to say this was one of the most fun and well organized events I have attended. What a great bunch of people netnuders are. Great job, Jan.

Report by gangreen.

The thing I remember the most about our trip to Cypress was our arrival. When we got there I went into register (leaving) LadyD in my mom's van. She sitting there dressed and everyone walking around naked, when something went wrong with my mom's security system in her van. All of a sudden the horn starts blowing , the door locks kept locking and unlocking, and the lights kept flashing, and here's LadyD dressed and her first visit to a nudist resort. LOL

Really was glad we were able to bring the waterguns it was fun to see how many actually showed up.

Loved to finally put faces and bodies to all those that we chat with.

The best part: Cypress Cove is like a small town and they make you feel right at home loved that feeling. It's like on Sunday morning I just got up and walked over to the restaurant and got coffee didn't need a robe or any thing it was great.

The worst part: LEAVING

Report by John.

I was at the gate of the resort. The main office was closed, and the gatehouse did not have any list of our group coming down. They are very careful about letting a single guy in, but finally one person said they remembered seeing some emails to Dean about a group, so they let me in. A golf cart took me to the start of the camping area, and I set up my tent. So at 21:15 it was exactly 5 hours from Toronto runway to laying on my sleeping bag. All I had to eat for the day was a 5" sub on the flight, so I went to find something to eat. The restaurant was already closed, and the bar stopped serving hot food at 9:30, but I was just in time to order a sandwich before the cook went home at 10. When I went back to the tent, I met a girl that was also camping there. She told me that where I had set up was near the kitchen, and there would be lots of noise from the air conditioning and delivery trucks. So I pulled up all the pegs, and dragged the whole setup farther down the camping area.

The next morning when I woke up, there was a gentle breeze blowing, just enough to open the flaps of the tent. When I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was a beautiful calm lake with grass and palm trees in front and lots of trees around the lake. I took a picture of that, but it didn't turn out very well. I should have used a fill flash.


I went to the office to register, and they had no list of people coming in our group. I finally saw the name NetNude on the list, and said 'thats me and 30 other people'. After I registered, I went for a walk and found Jan's car was already there. She drove down and got there a day earlier, and the office still didn't know about her group when I checked in. I found her apartment, helped blow up some ballons, then we had a little walk around the property. The temperature was sort of like Nassau where I had visited a few months earlier, so I calculated the time, and spent the whole day outside without suntan lotion. It worked out perfectly. I spent lots of time in the pool, the hottub, and laying by the pool. I just started getting a bit red by the time the sun went down.

The next day there were lots of activities planned, so I put on lotion, and didn't do any swimming until the evening. We played miniture regular golf (normal 9-hole golf course, but the holes were only 27 to 40 yards away). Some people did body painting as well.
RJ  RJ being bodypainted.
In the evening they had the party room, with snack food, lots of alcohol, talking, and music (from my little Sony radio I brought). On Sunday the weather forecast was bad, so I packed up the tent. When the storm wasn't too bad, we went swimming in the pool in the rain, then went to the hottub indoors during the worst parts. The tornadoes didn't come this far south, and even the lightning was far away. It was fun to walk out in the rain, jump in the hottub, go the the bar, swim in the rain, and go to peoples rooms, all without having to worry about a wet bathing suit or changing each time. At night we had a final party in Jan's room, with lots of drinking and talking, jokes, rubber chickens. Lots of fun. I left when my roommate/driver did since he only had one key. After 4 hours sleep, he drove me and another guy to the airport, since the other guy's flight was at 8:30. My flight wasn't until 13:50. Of course I was first in line when checkins opened at 10:30, and got the exact window seat I wanted. But back in Toronto, my luggage was the very last to arrive.

Report by LadyD.

Had the best time ever at cypress cove. I must admit, have never shared a hotel room with another man other than my husband!!!!! But Dan was the best, he even let me steal one of his pillows!!!! And he even brought us his coffee and coffee maker to our room in the morning. Thanks Dan!

Enjoyed watching the body painting. That was a first for me.
BobP, Mike, cyndiann, LadyD  At the photo session, from left: Bob P, cyndiann, LadyD. Mike (sitting).
And Cheeks was great! Wish we hadn't been so tired that night, would have stayed longer. Also enjoyed the lake, but was too chicken to go in cuz of the gators!!!!!

The best part of cypress cove was the folks we met there. It being my first time at a nudist resort, the people made me feel comfortable after about one minute! Literally!!! Have dreams of living there one day.

The worst part was our arrival. NIck went in the office to get us registered. There I was sitting in the van, completely dressed, when the van's security system decided to act up. The horn started honking and the doors were locking and unlocking and the lights were going off and on!!!!! Talk about embarrassing!!!! And there was nothing I could do. Hate being the center of attention!!!!! I'm sure the nudist walking around surely must have thought I was a textiled crazy woman!

Report by Lee.

Lee and Dee  Lee painting Dee.

I have been part of the NetNude group for only a few months and mainly discovered them thanks to my good friend Bob P. I discovered that the NetNude group is a really friendly group true to form of many nudist groups. I quickly made friends online and got to know some of the people going to the upcoming event at Cypress Cove. Bob encouraged me to attend and as Bob and I have been trying to get together for some time, I was sure to make this event. Luckily for me I got to meet up with many friends including Bob.

Cypress Cove is now my all time favorite club in the central Florida and I have been to most of them being a resident of the area. They have the prefect combination of amenities and unpretentious grounds. I believe everyone with the NetNude group was very happy with our chosen destination and many wanted to make the Cypress trip a regular event. I enjoyed it so much that I'm taking the family back next weekend!

I arrived at Cypress on Friday afternoon after skipping out of work after lunch on one of those truly beautiful Florida spring days where it is too warm to wear clothes but not the least bit humid, a treat we enjoy only in the spring and fall. It took little time at all to get settled in since I packed lite, a water gun, munchies, and a towel! NetNude is famous for their water gun fights... After meeting up with the early arrivals of the group including Jan and Bob we headed over to the Cheeks bar to grab a drink and socialize. Cheeks bar is a great place to have lunch, dinner, or just shoot pool and I'm certain that the NetNude group doubled the bars income that weekend since we were there whenever we weren't out in the sun. Heck, the NetNude group closed the place down a couple of nights! The rest of my day Friday was spent laughing and talking with my new and online friends over dinner, in the hot tub, and of course in Cheeks.

Saturday was even more fun, Jan our fearless leader <G>, had a number of activities planned and the rest of our group planned to arrive. Over all I think we counted 28 members of NetNude in attendance, not a bad turn out! The morning started off with a round of "golf" on the nice chip and put, nine-hole golf course. There weren't many golfers in the group but despite our questionable golf skills no one got hurt and we all had a good laugh.

After another lunch in the bar we opted for some sun and enjoyed yet another beautiful Florida day. Around 2pm the entire group gathered by the lake for a bit of body painting everyone tried their hands at creating a little art. I found body painting to be great fun and was happily painting away for over an hour. It's really nice to be able to talk to your canvas and it was a nice way to be creative in a naturist setting! After the painting the group got together for a group photo and some pictures of our artwork. After the photos we had a party in Cypress Coves party room trying out Jan and my bartending abilities as we blended up refreshing pina colodas for all our friends.

I had a really great time at Cypress Cove and met some really nice people that I have been chatting with online from time to time and look forward to seeing again.

Report by mancolabob.

Well, Cypress Cove is a nice place, the facilities are well keep, clean, and in good shape. The staff for the most part is good and helpful, except when the Bar tender fellow wants to get you out of the building. Cypress is one of those places that you must make your own fun activities for after hours and during normal hours if you don't golf or play tennis. It is better to be part of a group while you are there, although you can make friends there fast, just they may not be into the same things you are or the hours that you keep. Although I did not eat in the restaurant on our visit there (mainly from past experances eating there) I would not recommend it. Cheeks Bar has good food and you can bring cereal bars for the morning. Camping facilities are good. If you do not need electric try to stay by the lake in overflow. It has less noise and closer to all the facilities. Restroom are keep clean and in good working order. Over all I like the place, but if you are looking for more entertainment after hours then keep looking. They close the pool and hot tub too early and if the bar tender wants to close and go home instead of staying late as management promises, then he will. Management seems to not communicate with staff about what they say to the guest. This has been a problem of the Cove from my first visit. I will go back but I know what to expect.

Report by Mareze.

Mareze 2  Mareze in the party room.

We have been going to Cypress Cove for 4 yrs now, I love it. CC has a very relaxing atmosphere, you can do as much as you want or as little. The NetNude get-together was probably the BEST time I had there. We met so many friendly people (of course I cannot say I have not met many unfriendly people there). The group was absolutely wonderful, I have never had such a good time drinking coffee outside of my room...(sure glad I brought some, hehe). I could do somthing like that everyday. I have never laughed so hard in my life as when I was with all of you. (we do have a good sense of humor don't we,, hehe). Jan you will realize that I see everything, (the balloons).... and you sure are jumpy when someone catches you doing something you shouldn't be...LOL... The one thing that bothered me in particular was the bar manager (Tim) extremely rude person... We paid a lot of money to be there, we could have been treated with diginty....I will be looking foward to meeting all of you again....You did a great job Jan.... Thank you

Mareze and Sqeaky  Mareze and her balloons.
Mareze 1  Mareze showing off her balloons ... heh heh.

Report by Mike.

Mike and cyndiann 1  Mike and cyndiann.

Saturday morning we left Bradenton, for Cypress Cove. We had left in plenty of time but kept finding traffic jams on the roads, where we were stuck for hours. When we got to the campgrounds, we set up our tent beside a nude wedding party. A couple from New York City tie-ing the knot. As we where standing there a person came by wearing a coat and was informed that this was a nude wedding and he had to remove his coat. He did then we all became part of the leading party. The wedding party had a minister perform the ceremony for a jewish lady and a gentile. Afterward there was much dancing and party-ing with the live band playingethnic music, some guests came from London England. The first of the festivities was our body painting party. Cyndiann painted a palm tree on my back and I painted a tiger on ChrisNaturist after I had painted flowers on Cyndiann.

Mike and cyndiann 2  Mike bodypainting cyndiann.

I don't know why but nobody thought of painting shamrocks... Afterward we congregate at the hottub, and in the evening we had a party in the recreation centre. Attended by all, where ganggreen recited poetry. And JanC, proved what a wonderful host she was by mixing the pina coladas, for our thirsty clan. Then back to the hottub, to recouperate. Followed by a snack at the famous Cypress Cove Cheeks bar to ended the night.

Sunday, I must have had a great time that night, when I had gone to bed, I thought there was 10 tents. When I had awaken, there was only one. On my ham radio, there was tornado warnings so we had to break camp and put everything back in the car. After breakfasts we congregate with the rest of the NetNude group at the motel units, until we moved to the hottub area for the rest of the day. It poured rain most of the day and by 4 o'clock, Cyndiann and I had decided that we should return to town, so I can get ready to fly home. Everybody wanted us to stay as the skies started to clear as we started to leave. So we stayed the longer and when we did leave it was 10 p.m. when we got back to Bradenton.

Report by Robb.

Robb  Robb... his watergun, his rubber chicken.

There's too much. It was sooo much fun. I had lots of other plans, just in case, but didn't followup on any of them. The crowd was fun or at least interesting <g> and the resort is great. It's one of the best I've been to in so many ways.

I was disappointed that I wasn't able to ambush Jan with my squirtguns when I first ran into her, but there will be other get togethers <eg>.

My favorite day was probably the rainy Sunday when we ended up in Jan's apartment cracking each other up for hours. My cheeks haven't hurt from laughing like that for years! I can't believe my misfortune bringing up the sheep at just the exactly right, or wrong, time.

Now, as always, sheepless in Seattle. Except for that one Chey sent me.

Blowball was fun. Hot tub Volleyball was the greatest! Cheeks was good for several good times.

I figured we'd all be a bunch of computer nerds and I was right! No, the group is just a cross section of people in general, except better, more friendly people than 'normal'.

I still want a picture of the group sitting around in one room chatting via their laptops!

Anywho I'm no good a writeups, but it was a great time and I'm glad I went. I'll go to the next one, too. I'll be visiting Cypress more often as well!

The best thing: The people or the facilities, tough choice. I really appreciated having good food on the grounds. Not always the best (like the buffet) but fairly good all around.

The worse thing: Easy. Tim. I think that was his name? The one really un-friendly guy at the resort is working behind the bar and is some kind of supervisor or something? Bad news. He should not be allowed to talk to the public.

Report by Stetson.

March 12th the day we meet
The week-end with little sleep
Many parties 6 I did hear
Throughout the park and serving beer
Kareoke and dancing the two nights we were there
Everyone happy, everyone bare
People were friendly the place real cool
Golf, pool, darts, tennis were just some of the things we could do
Sunday came and the many we met
Best day was arriving, worst day when we left
My only regret although I was there and would like to amend
I never got to meet all my chat room friends

Report by Tan/Man.

The most interesting event was Sunday nite in Jan's apartment when we "ROASTED" Robb and his "SHEEPS", but also enjoyed the other events where Jan kept changing the rules, ie: pool, golf...

I enjoyed myself tremendously, considering it was my first nude holiday, and also it was nice meeting all of the chat room people, from in 3D....

The best thing about Cypress".... The resort was very neat, entertaining and lots to do...the rooms were very private and comfortable and also sound proof.... The staff was very friendly and courteous...I had a chance to meet Ivan, the manager, very nice man.... The services, was very efficient and prompt, at the restaurant and also at the "Cheeks Bar".... The worse thing about Cypress"... Well, I have nothing bad to say about Cypress Cove... I know that, if next year I can see my way clear, I will go back for a longer stay, to be able to enjoy all of the facilities....and also meet the wonderful people from the resort...

Report by Tom.

I found the body painting session the most interesting.

ChrisNaturist 2  ChrisNaturist after bodypainting.

Since they canceled the dance on Saturday, this was the most interesting activity. As to the facility, I found it to be clean and relatively comfortable, but mostly vanilla. I had a fairly good time -- although I wish the male to female ratio was better. In textile dances, females outnumber males.

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