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Cypress Cove, Florida

I've visited Cypress Cove a number of times, both alone and with my wife. I have never had trouble making a reservation or getting in while by myself; perhaps our being Naturist and AANR members helps on that score.

Cypress Cove is laid back and relaxing. When you enter through the gatehouse you drive past the "old" part, older mobile homes and RV's, but quickly arrive at the newer part. There's an office where you check in, with a friendly staff and a modestly stocked store. There is a porch with cold drink machines and a coin laundry is nearby (what would you be laundering? Towels?)

Across the road are the "Motel" units. Well, if this is a motel, most of the chains you've visited could learn a lesson or two from Cypress! These accommodations are superb. The motel rooms are large, airy, and well lit; very nicely furnished and include a small refrigerator. The suites are amazing: they are huge. They have a full kitchen, dining area and living room, and an enormous separate bedroom. They also have a small balcony or patio in front.

A few steps from the motel units is the pool complex. The pool is large, with plenty of lounges, umbrella tables, etc. There is a cheerful bar ("Cheeks") which also serves some fast food for snacking. The hot tub is large and inviting. Everything is scrupulously maintained. My only complaint is that the pool complex closes at 10 PM (11 PM on weekends) and we are nite owls.

The clubhouse is by a large lake. They have a sand beach, paddleboats, and an very large lawn for sunning. Volleyball courts and tennis courts too. The clubhouse has a very attractive restaurant and bar overlooking the lake. The food is good, reasonable priced (nice breakfast buffet!) and you can dine nude if you like. In nice weather you sometimes can dine outdoors, too.

Behind the pool complex is a large subdivision of newer homes: mobile homes in the "Florida" style. Very elaborate, they look like houses. The neighborhood is an excellent place for a nude stroll.

Cypress Cove is family-oriented, so you'll see lots of kids on weekends and all summer long. It isn't a party all night kind of place, although there's plenty of friendly socializing, if you want it.

We love Cypress. Good accommodations, and VERY relaxing. A wonderful home base for visiting Disney, Epcot, Atlantic and Pacific beaches -- if you can bring yourself to put your clothes back on!

Try it --- You'll Like It!

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