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Nevada Naturist's Journey to the April
2005 Netnude Gathering

Note: there are a LOT of pictures on this page so it will take a while to load.

My pilgrimage to the 2005 Net Nude gathering began Monday evening, April 4th, with a flight to Las Vegas, Nevada. At about the time of my arrival in Sin City that night, Las Vegas Bare Hiker (LVBH) was on his way home from work, and just happened to stop by the airport, looking for a navigator for the long drive to DeAnza Springs Resort and all places in between. What a coincidence!...I was going to the same place!!! Tuesday morning, our first planned stop was at Deep Creek Hot Springs, near Apple Valley, CA, and since we wanted an early start for the 3-hour drive, we awoke long before daybreak. After packing and repacking our gear in LVBH’s Jeep, I was reminded of the beginning of the Beverly Hillbillies show, as I looked at the load we’d stuffed to the ceiling. For the rest of our journey, I’d hear the banjo replay of the theme song every time I got in the vehicle. We got on the road while the sky was still dark and the traffic was light.

After breakfast in Apple Valley, we arrived at the trailhead to Deep Creek before 9am, but didn’t get to the springs ‘til around 10:30, due to numerous stops for photo opportunities along the 1.5-mile hike.

1. The Bowen Ranch Trail to Deep Creek Hot Springs, San Bernardino Mtns., CA

2. Deep Creek, viewed from the trail. The springs are at the base of the mountain in the background, where the creek takes a sharp right bend. The Pacific Crest Trail can be seen along the slope on the left side of the creek (if you’re looking for a long, scenic hike, you can walk this trail from Mexico to Canada)

3. Overlooking Deep Creek and four of the five named hot spring pools: A) Anniversary Pool; B) The Womb; C) Serenity Pool; D) The Crab Cooker; a fifth pool named the Arizona Pool is a short distance upstream-it was flooded by the high creek level during this trip

Deep Creek was running high and fast, due to much higher than average rain and snowfall in the area during the winter months. The hot spring soaking pools are on the opposite side of the creek, so we had to wade across the c-c-c-cold water. The water temperature was measured at 52 degrees F/11C that day. As I was chest-deep in the frigid water, about half way across the creek, it suddenly dawned on me why I had my tonsils removed as young lad 36 years ago-it was to make room for my testicles to occupy at this very moment! I’ve been in the cold waters of the North Atlantic Ocean and the lower Colorado River, but never quite experienced the stinging, numbing pain to the degree I did that morning.

4. Crossing Deep Creek, just prior to becoming sterile--52*F! (the ‘F’ doesn’t stand for ‘Fahrenheit’)

Next, it was time to thaw out in the springs……aaaahhhh! Still, it would be 2 more weeks before my ‘nads would drop back down to where they belonged.

5. A relaxing soak in the Serenity Pool

It turned out to be a gorgeous, sunny day. A friend of ours, who lives in the local area and goes by the name of Hot Springs Wizard, joined us later in the day, and we spent the next few hours soaking up the sun and relaxing on the newly-formed beach-a gift from Mother Nature during the winter floods.

6. LV Bare Hiker soaks up some rays on “the beach”

That evening, Wizard graciously invited us to stay at his home, where we enjoyed a hot meal, a hot tub soak under the stars, and warm rest. Early Wednesday morning, we headed off to our next stop-the clothing optional section of San Onofre State Beach.

We timed our departure to get to the heavily traveled freeways east of L.A. after morning rush hour. As LVBH’s “Shotgun,” I was the consummate professional, acutely tuned to road and traffic conditions, and providing alerts for upcoming route changes and offensive drivers. The 91 Freeway west had the heaviest traffic, and I nearly wore out both of my middle fingers communicating with the other drivers!

We were on San Onofre beach below Trail #6 before 11am. Partly cloudy skies became clearer throughout the afternoon, but there weren’t many visitors that day. We were joined by Julie, a member of the Las Vegas Bares who lives not too far from San Onofre.

7. San Onofre Beach, looking north

8. San Onofre Beach, looking south, over NN’s fat, but nicely tanned butt

9. LVBH takin’ a leak in the Pacific (just kidding!)

The air quickly cooled as the sun lowered. We headed back to the parking and picnic area where we grilled some burgers for dinner. We got back on I-5 as the sun set, and we took up Julie’s gracious offer to overnight at her home-another warm, comfortable rest…..we would surely need it, ‘cause that was the last peaceful night we would have until the weekend.

We got another early start on Thursday morning, took a short tour of La Jolla and ate breakfast there, and arrived at the glider port on a crystal clear morning. We would have been there even sooner if we hadn’t inadvertently toured the USC campus….2 or 3 times while trying to find the beach access road. The trail and steps from the glider port were still washed out in a few places from recent storms, but was easily passable.

10. The steep trail down to Black’s Beach

Black’s Beach was much busier than San Onofre; still, there were more joggers than sunbathers out that morning.

11. LVBH wondering why the young lady jogging is so overdressed

12. Black’s Beach, looking south toward Point La Jolla

13. Black’s Beach, looking north

The rest of the Net Nude gang arrived in the early afternoon, and we spent a few hours in the sand, sun, and surf.

14. The Net Nude flag waves proudly….no nude paragliders dropped in to join us. :-(

14a. Charlie’s Angels?

15. “Hmmm, the surf’s a bit warmer here….wonder if LVBH took a leak at this spot?

We stayed for another hour or so after most of the group headed back to De Anza. It clouded up in the late afternoon, and we were again outnumbered by textiles. We got some humiliation training while trying to throw a frisbee straight through a cross-wind.

16. Launching another bad frisbee throw

We finally packed it in, completed the dreaded walk up the trail, and drove to De Anza Springs Resort, arriving in the late evening. It was cold, dark and windy, but we managed to set up the tent, using the Jeep as a partial wind break. We went for a swim and showered at the indoor pool, and then bundled up in sweats and coats against the elements. It wasn’t too cold or uncomfortable in the tent, but the gusting winds relentlessly kept me from getting any peaceful sleep.

I think the wind calmed down around 3am. I got up around 8am. Ate a good breakfast and had a soak in the hot tub. We went for a nude hike on Friday afternoon, exploring the train tracks, abandoned passenger railcar wrecks, and the Anza-Borrego Desert. It got windy again as the day passed, and by late afternoon the dust and pollen in the air clogged my sinuses for the next 3 days (note to self: load up on Claritin prior to visiting Jacumba, CA). Even amid the wind and allergy conditions, the sunny skies and scenery were quite pleasant.

17. NN Heading off for a trek in the Anza-Borrego Desert

18. LVBH on the trestle

19. “Cracks” in the window--yuk! yuk!

20. Riding the rails the ultralight way

21. A view of De Anza Springs Resort from atop a rock formation

22. If I hadn’t been watching where I was walking, I might have stepped right on this Gopher Snake (non-poisonous, but they’ll still get your attention!)

23. Catching rays….”Hey-how do I get down from here!?”

That evening we were entertained by the Net Nude karaoke pros. Friday night was windier than the previous, and I had clogged sinuses to add to my misery. Even when the tent wasn’t getting buffeted by the wind gusts, the noise of air blasting above was enough to keep anyone awake. A banging trash can added to the concert. I thought about getting up to go sleep in the indoor pool area, but feared LVBH might get launched like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz without my weight holding the tent down.…he was probably thinking the same thing. The tent dome bent down low several times, but never collapsed. Next door to us, Dave and Alice weren’t so fortunate. The following day, we were told that wind speeds reached up to 70mph/112kph that night, and that the locals had never seen such strong winds there. Weren’t we the lucky ones to experience history!

The winds were calmer again on Saturday morning. Spent some time sunning by the pool, soaking in the hot tub, and playing pool volleyball. We had the raffle drawing in the afternoon and the group photo ops. After getting only 6-7 hours total sleep combined over the previous 2 nights, we decided to pack up and cover some distance for the long drive back to Vegas, stopping at a hotel for a quiet, peaceful sleep. We made another side trip to Deep Creek on Sunday, where we were joined by Wizard & his family for another beautiful, sunny day. We returned to Vegas Sunday night. I slept late on Monday, got some more sun in LVBH’s back yard, and flew back home that night. That was one enjoyable week!

-- Nevada Naturist

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