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Dearth Valley Warm Spring, California, Report



Take California 178 out of Shoshone and head west and north on the road to Badwater Basin, the lowest point in the US at 282 feet below sea level. Last time we were at Badwater, we wanted to do a nude photo next to the sign (similar to the one we did above the Arctic Circle on Summer Solstice), but couldn't quite work up the courage; next time we'll try again. Go 27.7 miles to West Side Road and turn left. Go 3.1 miles and turn nominally west (left) on Butte Road. Travel almost 12 very rough miles through an ancient mine and a scenic canyon. After the canyon, turn left near some large cottonwoods with mountains behind them. There's a small parking area. Follow the trail to the spring.


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We have our friend Skip Hill to thank for this one. It's a nice one on hot days -- it seems we always hit Tecopa when it's 110 in the shade, so soaking here is nice in that weather because the water is a comfortable 95 degrees in summer. In winter, the water isn't quite warm enough for a good soak, due to a relatively low flow. Free nude soaking and camping on public land. Elevation: probably below seal level.

All services are available in Shoshone, along with some very interesting historic artifacts. There's also a inn with a warm spring and RV park and warm spring (all clothes minded) there.

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