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Delaware Water Gap, Delaware, Report.



From I-84 in Matamoras, Pa, go south on US Rt. 209. Pick your pleasure anywhere along the 22 mile route.


4 Moons for the Delaware Water Gap


DELAWARE WATER GAP NATIONAL RECREATION AREA is 22 miles of potential Naturist Paradise, little used, except in concentrated areas every few miles along its length. There is NO commercial traffic or retail business, increasing the quiet feeling in the Gap. We've many times parked our motor home overnight at two of the literally hundreds of turnoffs along the way, spending the nights in peace.

All natural outdoor recreational opportunities are offered from canuding to swimming/sunning to hiking, including a 25 mile section of the Appalachian Trail. We rather suspect the Appalachian might be crowded on weekends in high season, but there are so many side trails, those wishing to hike in clothes freedom will find little trouble finding an appropriate one. Roads lead from many of the hundreds of turnoffs into the woods or down to the river, beckoning those who wish to camp nude/for free away from the campgrounds.

For more information on canuding the Delaware, including scheduled trips on an eight mile section, contact Tri-State Sun Club, POB 532 Broadway, NJ, 08808. For maps, paid camping, showers, visit Dingmans Campground, about half way down the Gap.

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