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My visit to Desert Shadows Inn

George Winlock - October 2000.

When I found that I was going to attend a conference in Palm Springs, CA. and that my employer would pay the additional expenses of my travelling on Saturday rather than Sunday (there is a great difference in airfare) I immediately looked into another way to save money. Rather than spend four nights at the big resort where the conference was going to be held, I offered to spend two of those nights at a smaller resort that would be even less expensive. Well, Desert Shadows Inn might be smaller (no large towers, but it does occupy an entire block) but to me it was a lot fancier.

I went through back issues of "N" Magazine and read a lot about DSI before my trip but was not prepared for what I actually encountered. The resort was even better than I expected.

When I arrived in the Palm Springs airport Saturday around noon (time change) I called the resort and was provided free transportation. After checking in we (there was another couple that arrived when I did) were given a tour of the resort. I got to look in to one of the condos and I thought it was beautiful. Two bedrooms, one on the first floor and one (with a sitting area) on the second floor. The bathroom contained a jacuzzi type tub. Porches with a magnificent view of the San Jacinto mountains. To me there was everything you could possible want.

My room (a lot like a regular hotel room) was no disappointment to me. There was a VCR and movies were available for free from the game room. The bathroom had a nice roomy glassed in shower in the corner. (In contrast the place I stayed at for the conference had a tub shower with a curtain that liked to attach itself to me).

I immediately changed into appropriate attire (undressed) and went on another walk around the resort so I could see everything again. I went to the quiet pool (next to the spa) and had a short swim and floated on the raft. While I could hear a strong breeze blowing the high walls provided protection from the wind and it was reasonably warm. There were two other pools, one for general use and another set up for volleyball.

Unfortunately Sunday's weather was not the best. Kind of cloudy and cool. After an early swim and breakfast I tried to sit by the volleyball pool and read but kept dozing off. The best remedy was to jump in and join the game that was about to start. I spent the afternoon reading my book and making sure I had and made use of the other pools and hot tubs.

The sunset café has three distinct areas, you can be fully enclosed, surrounded by glass, or outside. The prices are reasonable and the food was excellent. There was a good selection on the lunch and dinner menus. Breakfast was a buffet that had plenty of choices but I am sure you could have something else if you wanted to.

I did not use the tennis courts or get to the spa that would provide all kinds of interesting treatments.

However not everything at DSI is good. There is one bad thing that can't be changed. One can not stay there forever. It came to the time I had to return to the world of the textiles. So Monday morning (after a really early morning dip in the volleyball pool) I put on my clothing and, because I was leaving prior to the start of the free shuttle service, I took a cab back to the airport where I was able to get the shuttle to the resort where I would be staying during the conference.

A chance to stay at Desert Shadow Inn should not be passed up. I sure would have liked to have the tax conference there. :-)

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