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Desert Shadows, California.

February 2001

In August of 1999 I started planning a dream vacation. I have always wanted a winter vacation in the sun. Even with the internet I had no Idea where to start.

I have been a member of the AAA for over 30 years so in Dec 2000 decided to call them. The AAA told me about Desert Shadows Inn & Resort (DS). I logged on to their web site and read it over and over. This was the place. But when I found out how much 10 days was going to cost I damn near fell out of my chair. I read a number of reports on your web site (NetNude), they were all good. (your web site was the first site I booked marked).

So before Christmas I put down the old Visa and set it up for Feb. 15th to 24th at DS. Jan. 2001 Visa statement had the bill for my vacation even before I had left. Three weeks before I leave I get really depressed (it was way too much money). Feb. 14th I rushed home from work to go to the tanning saloon one last time. (did not want to get burned on my vacation) The day finally comes and I am really ready. I had trouble getting through the metal detectors at both PDX and SeaTac, finally get to Palm Springs. No bag, all of the golfers got their clubs. Good thing I carried the most important things with me.

After calling DS I walk outside and it was just beautiful. I thought I was in heaven or some such place. Robert of DS picked me up right away, He tried to reassure me my bag would come. After checking in I learned that you do not need any real money while staying there, they just add it to your bill. Robert showed me around. I thought I was in paradise.

Five minutes after the tour I was sitting in a lounge chair by the pool. My first and last expression was I had not made a mistake by choosing DS. Dinner that night in the Sunset Cafe was just great. I do not eat out much so was kind of shocked at the price of Meals. Around $10.00 for breakfast and $20.00 for dinner with tips. Throughout my stay the food was great and the service excellent. The room was very clean and well laid out. I stayed in room 9 in the Courtyard. I had no trouble sleeping at all. (being outside all day)

The second day I had a change to really check the place out. I walked the entire grounds. The grounds were well taken care off. Pools and hot tub cleaned each day. I realled liked all of the fountains and the man made river (stream). The sound of the water really put me at ease. All of the staff were real friendly, always saying 'hi'.

Robert was right my bag came late Fri. (did not think it was going to come). By the third day I was really relaxed. I spent most of my time around the quiet pool. I picked the weekend that the Bob Hope Golf tournament was going on so DS was full, but never seemed crowded. Meet a lot of really nice people from all over. Most of the people that I talked to had been to DS before and said it was the best place. Only one day, the last of course, was the worst day weather wise.

Sitting in the Palm Springs Airport I thought to myself, why in the hell am I going home (money). I had such a great time. As soon as I got home I was trying to figure out how to go again at the end of this year.

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