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Desert Shadows Inn, California.

October 2001

We arrived about 1a.m. at Desert Shadows. Our concern about getting our room at that late hour was unfounded. Upon arrival the night mgr. showed us our room & parking for our rental car.

The room was a one bedroom Villa, with a great view of the San Jacinto Mts.. I mention this because in our 25+ yrs. of travelling to nudist parks/resorts the brochure and the real product sometimes don't reflect each other. Not the case here. Desert Shadows Inn & Resort (DSIR) website and brochures were straightforward and reflected exactly what you'll find. Again our Villa was superb, outdoor shower, complete kitchen, fireplace, etc.. ALL the things you needed or chose to do were a few steps away, ie: pool, tennis court, hot tub, restaurant.

Should the tourista urge come over you there are plenty of things to see and do. We took the tram ride to the top of the San Jacinto Mt. range and truly enjoyed this natural treasure. The views/vista's were breathtaking. With some preplanning you can probably do some nude hiking on the upper trails. Within an hours drive is Joshua Tree National Park (we didn't get there this time, but, we will the next trip). Closer to DSIR are the many restaurants and trendy shops that make up downtown Palm Springs. One of the pleasant surprises during our DSIR vacation was the "Powerwalk tour of the rich and famous of Palm Springs". This is for those of us that don't mind a very early start to our day, just before dawn is the start time. DSIR owner/host Sue Lovato is the walk organizer and guide. There are several different tours/paths to follow each with it's own physical characteristics and homes of interest. Upon finishing the powerwalk I'd use the small, but, certainly adequate fitness center to complete my workout.

DSIR's staff were absolutely the best. No request was too small or big. The grounds and rooms were immaculate. The weather was in the high 90's every day (1st weekend, Oct., 01'). At night the temps dropped considerably, but, not enough to keep you from the hot tub. The restaurant was excellent with different entree specials everyday, pricing was probably better than in the nearby restaurants. If your mindset is to stay nude and never leave the resort you won't be dissappointed. Like all weather dependent resorts, DSIR's reflects the change in seasons. One tip to help conserve travel costs to DSIR is fly into Ontario, Calif. rather than Palm Springs itself, the ride is about one hour from Ontario to Palm Springs via I-10.

Our nudist travels have taken us all over N. America and the Carib.. DSIR is well worth the trip.

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