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Desert Shadows Inn, California.

Spring 2002

Well, I thought my wife and I had seen just about the best until we arrived at breath taking Desert Shadows Naturist Resort in Palm Springs, CA., and therein lies one of its many charms . . . located right smack in the middle of town with a very adequate barrier between you and the hustle and bustle of everyday city life. What a marvelous contrast! And what a unique concept.

You do not have to travel miles through the wilderness to arrive at this bit of paradise. There we were right in the heart of town and naked as the day we were born! We have never seen such a lovely, well maintained, exquisitely planned and designed community, textile or naturist! It is simply a lovely Garden of Eden!

I don't know if there are enough superlatives to describe fully what these folks have and they are constantly improving and adding more. You have all the amenities here and, if you want more, they are within easy walking distance. Yes, that's right, restaurants, shopping and malls and lovely upscale neighborhoods. Of course, the weather usually cooperates and it was no exception for our week stay which we shall never forget.

We have visited many naturist resorts/beaches and have enjoyed them all BUT this one has nudged itself right up to the top of the list! We only wish it were closer.

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