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Emerald Lake Resort, Porter, Texas.

July 2008

This was the perfect place for the kind of weekend I was looking for: a quiet, relaxing and nude weekend. And, that is exactly what I got, so I wasn't disappointed. This is probably the most natural of the clubs and resorts that I have thus far visited in Texas, as Louisiana really doesn't offer much in the way of nude recreation.

This is the only resort I remember visiting that didn't have a swimming pool, although they have a marked off area for swimming in the lake itself. The lake also offers fishing, possibly jet skiing (presumably you could bring your own for this, check with the office), they have some paddleboats available, and a canoe. There is also one of those 'zip lines' that you can ride into the water if you just have to make a big splash. There's a boat ramp at one end of the lake, so presumably you could also ski here if you brought a power boat, although it would be pretty tight for slower boats to get up to speed.

I was blessed with some great south Texas weather for my stay, and was treated to a quick tour of the facilities, as a first-time visitor here, after I got naked, of course.

There are two hot tubs available, a large one on a deck that overlooks the lake, and another smaller one inside the clubhouse, in what is referred to as the Franklin Room. The clubhouse has a pool table, along with some of the other game tables, a comfortable reading and tv lounge, and offers wifi access to the internet for those of us who can't leave our computers alone, or behind.

There is not a lot of land here to explore, as most of the property is the lake itself, but, considering it's proximity to Houston, it is extraordinarily quiet and peaceful here. The people are friendly and open, there is a railroad line across the road from the entrance to the resort, which may bother some but I welcomed that noise as it reminded me of my roots. Towards the rear of the property, on the south side of the lake there is a short nature trail, which my dog loved to explore with me in tow. Immediately south of the resort is a reminder that you are in Texas, as there is a field with hamburgers, still on their feet, grazing lazily. This resort is also very easily accessed from the Houston airport, so it would be simple to fly in and have a nice time here.

This is so much more like a state park in it's setting than a clothing-optional resort that it is really relaxing to be nude here. And, if you are into water sports of just about any kind, this is a good place to participate in them. A pretty decent day crowd came out for Saturday, but Sunday was really quiet and comfortable, not that Saturday wasn't.

As I said, all the people were nice, the food was good (available on weekend days), and my dog wasn't ashamed at all to be seen walking me here. I could easily choose to live here full-time if my work allowed it. This is a very family friendly place, too, so something as simple as a family picnic could easily be special by having it here.

I would gladly recommend this resort to anyone looking for peace and quiet, but with the possibilities of good times, too, in a socially nude environment.

Russell (1newddewd on the message board)

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