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July 1998

I am back from my week at the beach--Davis Park, Fire Island, NY. It was very nice--hot weather. Apparently Maine was hot and humid, so I picked the right week to be away.

About Davis Park--it has a well known, but quiet, clothing optional beach. (It is in the World Guide.) I spent the afternoon there 5 out of 6 days. The busiest day was Sunday when there were maybe 30 people on the beach. The quietest was Thursday, when there were just 7 of us. So if you want quiet nude time, this is the place to go. Mostly there were couples or singles, but a few days there were folks with very small children. I took my 7 yr. old daughter one day, who took a quick nude swim. My 10 yr old son joined me one day and opted to keep his suit on. They were the only older children I saw.

It is truly CO and for those with "reluctant spouses" I would recommend this as a place to visit. There were couples with one in a suit, the other nude. Or topless women and nude men. Or any variation in between that you can think of. There was one woman who sunbathed nude, then put her suit on to go swimming (if you ask me, she had that backwards!).

The beach is quite large with plenty of room to spread out. Beach walkers from the west and east go by, but no one seems to gawk or stare. If you felt too exposed, you could always back up closer to the dunes. Suffolk Co. police went by in cars, national park rangers went by on foot and horseback. No one ever bothered anyone, that I could see.

The one thing that was really surprising to me was how few people were on this section of beach, because the clothing part of Davis Park is mobbed. And there are tons of cottages with tons of people and kids. It amazed me that out of that many hundreds (maybe thousands) of people there are only 30 nudists/naturists?

Swimming is great--if you like swimming in the surf. It was fun to watch folks dive into the waves, then their bare buns would pop out--usually before their heads. Lots of people just sat at the edge of the water and the waves lap over their legs. The water was about 73 degrees.

For those that are interested, it is at the west end of Davis Park, right where the cottages end. From the ferry, go right on Central Walk til the end, turn left on 5th Walk, and right at the bottom of the steps. It is about a 7-10 minute walk from the ferry. The ferry from Patchogue is $11 r/t for adults. There are no motels or camping at Davis Park, but lots of cottages to rent. However, I think plans for those need to be made well in advance of a visit. There are docks for those who come by boat. Access is only by ferry or boat; no cars on the island (except for the police). The Harbor Store is at the ferry dock, with sandwiches, soda, beer, groceries, newspapers, and of course, suntan lotion. The Casino Bar and Restaurant is also near the ferry, so if you came for the day, you could finish up with dinner at the restaurant. I never ate there so I don't know what the food is like, but the bar is a happening place (we stopped in for a beer on Red Stripe Reggae Night).

Overall, I would definitely recommend the nude beach at Davis Park for a relaxing nude day in the sun.


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