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This report is brought to you by Rich and Bobbie.

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Our Florida Vacation!


Bobbie and I visited 5 clubs and Haulover Beach during our 16 day stay in our "home state". Now that my 12 year adventure as manager of Solair is over, Florida seems more like home!

Our first stop was at Lake Como where we stayed with some friends. The club looked great, as usual, and we noticed that the members were active, involved, doing volunteer work and talking camp politics. This appears to be the norm for a co-op club. The hot topic during our visit was a proposal to add 5 new sites on the lake! Proponents argued that revenues from the development would help defray the cost of the upcoming county sewer hookup! Like in any other community, property owners with sites near the proposed expansion and others concerned with ecological factors were against it!

As volleyballers who played in the Como All Florida Days tournaments of the 70's and 80's, Bobbie and I saw one thing at Como that made us very sad: they took out the 2nd volleyball court and planted grass there. This change reflects the fact that Como's 40 year player/coach and 4 of their regular players died within the last year!

We love Lake Como because it is laid back and charmingly rustic. The restaurant, which is run by the co-op, always has good food and low prices. The natures trails, the lake and the 200 acre orange grove (which has it's own nature trail) are great to explore. The members are super friendly and the "Butt Hut" is the Florida nudist's answer to Cheers.

Last January Bobbie and I purchased a share (one of twenty six) and a home at Lake Linda Circle which is directly across the street from Lake Como. When we get around to moving down there, we will become Como members too.

Most of our first day, we visited with our new neighbors at Lake Linda. It was raining so we ran from house to house delivering Christmas cards. At each house we were invited in and were made to feel that we were family, we had a great visit! Lake Linda folks are, for the most part,early retired. They plan all kinds of social activities and holiday gatherings. The physical property is immaculate and brand new. The pool, tennis court, hot tub etc were all installed 2 years ago. The lake (not nude), which is very beautiful, has a dock and boats. It borders the whole north side of the property! Lake Linda is a neat place to live!

On Wed night (Free night for AANR members), we visited Club Paradise. Christmas was three days away so I guess people had other things to do that night, there seemed to be very few dancers at the dance. In attendance were a total of 9 Solair people not to mention Dick and Lydia, Sunridge owners/managers. Also in the crowd I recognized another half dozen New Englanders (Yankee Power)<G>>.

Since the club had recently changed management, I was looking for some differences. This year there were many more nude people at the club. We didn't notice too much sexy stuff going on although there was lots of leather and lace. The drinks were expensive BUT we were getting in for free and we could also have used the hot tub and pool . The music kept Bobbie and I dancing until after 11 which is late for us.

The next day we found our way to RT 17 and drove past Deland to Crescent City where Bobbie's family gathers for Christmas. I had a date to play golf at the Palatka Golf Course (not nude). Bobbie and daughter Tish snuck out of the family homestead and got naked! Sunny Sands ironically is only 10 miles south of Crescent City! It's a beautiful little club with lots of big oaks and spacious mobile home sites. There were a couple volleyballs left on the court so the girls practiced their bumping and serving skills before soaking in the hot tub. Sunny Sands also has a 9 hole pitch and putt so golfers should bring their clubs!

After Christmas we headed south for a 10 day stay at Sunsport Gardens. We lived and worked there from 1978 to 1988 and since then have returned every year for vacations! Although the West Palm Area has grown immensely, Loxahatchee (zoned 5 acre/agricultural) has hardly changed at all; it's mostly trees, dirt roads, and small farms. At Sunsport people are very busy playing and socializing. Tennis, volleyball, petanque, and poolside card games were played every day we stayed. Our ten year old grandson stayed with us for several days and he had the time of his life! There were lots of well mannered children on the grounds who played with him from dawn to dusk.

Before we headed back to Connecticut we had one more important stop to make, Haulover Beach. When we arrived the parking lot was over half full, even though it was a Tuesday. On the beach we noticed some great additions: food service right on the beach, rental chairs and umbrella's and increased handicap accessibility including special wheelchairs with balloon tires! The crowd was quite well balanced with many different languages being spoken. We got in some great volleyball with a group of French Canadians. The water might have been too cold for Florida sissies but we enjoyed it and went in several times.

Now we are back in the cold! One thing is for sure, we will return to Florida ASAP!

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