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Trip Report--Florida Keys Naturists
by allnude.

We had the opportunity to make a trek down to the Florida Keys on May 10th. Having nudist friends in the area made for a great weekend. Edun (who occasionally chats on NetNude) & Ms. Edun were gracious hosts for our first venture to the 'tip' of the Continental U. S. Edun took us to the Florida Keys Naturists' (FKN) private beach for a wonderful day of sunning and exploring, and then Ms. Edun cooked a delicious lasagna for supper Saturday evening.

The Florida Keys Naturists is a club of over 100 members and has a very active organization with many planned (and impromptu) activities for its membership. Edun took time to introduce us to the beach (the property is owned by one of its members) and a few of the FKN regulars who drifted in during the course of the day. This beach is beautiful and unspoiled by the commercialism evident at most beach resorts. With trees going right out to the water, it is very reminiscent of Bloody Bay in Jamaica when we were there a couple of years ago.

Access is for members and their guests and can be a bit hard to find without some "help". We had sent in our membership a week before we left, as we anticipate more trips to the Keys, and because its nice to support an organization that is active in promoting nudist/clothing optional facilities.

FKN is pursuing public clothing optional facilities in the Florida Keys and is welcoming new members to help obtain additional facilities for its members and for visiting naturists. They actively protect naturist interests and represent naturist initiatives via their Legal Defense Fund which allows them to lobby the Florida Legislature when naturist issues are on the legislative agenda.

Visit their website for all you could want to know about the Keys and where to go in Key West. While clothing optional recreation is somewhat limited 'publicly' there are options available to you with some advance planning.

We are grateful to Edun/Ms. Edun for making us feel at home in the Keys and for their recommendations on where to stay and places to see!

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