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Florida Report on Several Locations.

Friday March 5th, the ticket said be at the airport 3 hours before the flight!! 3 hours before the flight, I was the only person there other than the night watchman, and the cleaners. The airline staff arrived at 3:30 am. So I got my choice of seats on that old ford tri -motor, I took the seat beside the water slide (A11). At 5:30, they allowed us into the terminal, and at 6:30, our plane load of hungover polarbares, lumbered down Toronto's frozen tundra bound for St. Pete 2 hours later, we touched down in Florida, to stand in line for an hour to clear custom's, and await for our luggage to arrive, I don't know what plane it was on. There was 3 planes in our flotilla. Out on the tarmac, we were huddled in our parka's trying to get shelter from this southern climate. Finally we where herded into the terminal and the residents thought we were crazy all bundled up the way we where. Out in the lobby was all the Official Greeters, much like going into yur local walmart store. Out in the crowd of greeter's, was my friend Mike, from Brampton and beside him was Cyndiann. And off we went to learn of where to go natural in the sunshine state!!

Saturday, we went to the Gulf of Mexico, in search of our own mecca in the sun, only to find thousands of textiles, toasting in the sun. I waded out into the surf, and as my feet where turning blue from the cold, I was dancing and prancing on cupid and blitzen toward the shore in search of the warmer sands of the beach.

Sunday, Cyndiann and I went to Como Resort, for my indoctrination. What a place, we parked in a banana grove, stripped and headed for the swimming pool. Very important to remember as a day user to get some patio chairs to call homebase, before they all disappear. Next we took a tour of the grounds, dining room, sauna, hot tub, volleyball courts, bingo hall, Hot tub bar, water front park. The special events of the day, was a water ski show, so most of the day we spent at the pool, listening to a country music band, and watching the water show. I was going to bring my 5spf tanning oil I use in Toronto, but didn't Cyndiann applied some 15spf on me, and within an hour, the sun had burned me through it. So I had to upgrade to 45spf. Again I'm all freckles and sunburn..

At about 5pm when It was starting to get cold temp dropped to 70f. I went to warm up in the hot tub and met Vittorio Buono and Helene Dorion, (see Going Natural Vol 13 #4 pg 18) They invited me back to his motor home, and he showed me his articles he wrote for the various naturist magazines. Then talked about the recent Meech Lake interviews, and about Beechgrove Beach in Toronto, and his plan to visit it this summer. The Hot tub Bar, at Como, was an interesting place, with it's dirt floor's and bar stool's, and the stones on the bar to prevent your money from blowing away in this thatch roofed hut. A rare thing, I had not seen since college days, was complimentary food, with your drinks, first we where given pop corn, then onion rings, then a deep fried Turkey meal was served.

Monday, was laundry day, being a naturist, we seem to have more half worn clothes, than worn clothes, I was looking at the clothes I wore the last few days and thought.. wear clothes for 1 hr to get to beach, undress, dress, wear clothes 1 hr to get home, get natural, and put clothes in laundry.

Tuesday, we were to go to Haulover beach, but some Rixplace friends in Titusville, Keith and Lorrie Bennett, invited us to go to Playalinda Beach, with them. So off the Atlantic Ocean we went. It was a great drive, about 4 hours, (much like driving from Kitchener to The Sand Banks Provincial Park), but from Bradenton on the west coast to Titusville, in Brevard County on the east coast. Park admission was only 5$ and we drove to the end of the road, to get to the nude beach. Not many people there, as the seas were running 9 ft waves, and a rip tide. There was 4 other couples on the beach and about 4 single males, and 1 single female. I strolled the beach in search of nice sea shells but, none were to be found. Finally the weather became too overcast and cold, and we left for greener campgrounds.

Wednesday, I moved in with textile friend, Mike from Brampton, so the next few days are wasted on textile beaches in the Bellaire Beach area searching for sea shells on the Gulf shores!

Thursday, the best possible nude beach, I found was at Honeymoon Island State Recreation Area, at Dunedin Florida (North West of Clearwater, on the Gulf of Mexico, 5 miles of sand dune, with no roads! I did see one lady with no tan lines, and a guy wearing a g-string, other than that the only other people were seashell collectors. Half naked on the beach, I was amazed to see the locals wearing winter clothing in 77f weather.

Friday, was the Fort deSoto beach tour, But my driver wandered off and I sat in the apartment all day until it was too late....Three days of wearing textiles again, and I hated it.

Saturday morning we left Bradenton, for Cypress Cove. We had left in plenty of time but kept finding traffic jams on the roads, where we were stuck for hours. When we got to the campgrounds, we set up our tent beside a nude wedding party. A couple from New York City tying the knot. As we were standing there a person came by wearing a coat and was informed that this was a nude wedding and he had to remove his coat. He did then we all became part of the leading party. The wedding party had a minister perform the ceremony for a Jewish lady and a gentile. Afterward there was much dancing and partying with the live band playing ethnic music, some guests came from London England. The first of the festivities was our body painting party. Cyndiann painted a palm tree on my back and I painted a tiger on ChrisNaturist after I had painted flowers on Cyndiann. I don't know why but nobody thought of painting shamrocks... Afterward we congregate at the hot tub, and in the evening we had a party in the recreation center. Attended by all, where ggnaked recited poetry. And JanC, proved what a wonderful host she was by mixing the pina coladas for our thirsty clan. Then back to the hot tub, to recuperate. Followed by a snack at the famous Cypress Cove Cheeks bar to end the night.

Sunday, I must have had a great time that night, when I had gone to bed, I thought there was 10 tents. When I awoke, there was only one. On my ham radio, there was tornado warnings so we had to break camp and put everything back in the car. After breakfast we congregate with the rest of the NetNude group at the motel units, until we moved to the hot tub area for the rest of the day. It poured rain most of the day and by 4 o'clock, Cyndiann and I had decided that we should return to town, so I could get ready to fly home. Everybody wanted us to stay as the skies started to clear as we started to leave. So we stayed the longer and when we did leave it was 10 p.m. when we got back to Bradenton.

Monday, Cyndiann drove me to the airport, and bid fond farewells as the great silver bird dipped it's wings as a salute to the sunshine state and winged it's way back to the frozen tundra.

Will I do this mad adventure again, you bet!!

Anyone interested in visiting YuCanTan, at his park on Padre Island, the last week of August? And for the people that need the comfort of a hotel room, we have 1st class accommodations right on the beach along with home cooked meals, complete with dining.. and our own cheeks bar.

I'm just a Mikey, but it's great to be different.

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