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Forty Acre Resort, Missouri.

August 2004

South of St. Louis Missouri, Forty Acres Club offers a nudist environment in the country setting 30 miles south. A Co-Op club, it is blessed with a nice club house featuring; pool table, dart boards, satellite TV, ping-pong table, sitting/reading areas, table/dining areas, a bar area, fireplace and a kitchen. Ice cream can be bought from the freezer. Outside the clubhouse includes: a petanque court, shuffleboard courts, two bath houses, a shelter house, 20’x40’ heated 5’ deep swimming pool, laundry area, community kitchen, fire pit, tent camping in reach of electric, full RV hookups (30 and 50 amp), and 5 rooms with queen size bed, a small fridge, AC, and heater.

The 15% of the membership that resides on site assist in the dances, parties, wine tasting, progressive dinners, and get acquainted celebrations. There are no specific quiet hours, kids and pets are welcome. No pets in the clubhouse or other facilities. It is best to make reservations by the web site.

The Good:

The pool and clubhouse are nice, the people are friendly and there is always someone willing to get a group together to shoot pool, darts, play ping-pong, or light up the fire pit. The rooms are nice if small and include a fridge. They have a strict gate policy and do not have people roving in and out. Mostly couples participate in the nudist environment. The fire pit is a nice social area. The community kitchen should have everything needed. Some bats can be seen late at night eating those pesky mosquitoes so that you aren’t eaten in the daytime.

The Bad:

Wasps and other bugs do thrive; it is a rustic area in general. The tent sites don’t drain and it is likely that you will be floating. You will need a 50’ extension cord to get to electricity from the tent sites. There seems to be a bit of the usual Co-Op politics going on. The office seems to be a little disorganized and can be difficult to contact. Alas, there is no hot tub.


My fiancée and I gave the following ratings. For Family-ness, a general indicator of the kid-friendly and family oriented-ness of the group, we gave a 7. For Posh-ness, an indication of the “nice clean and neat” and “carpet/Astroturf everywhere, with waiters” we gave a 3 because it is a bit rustic. For Amenity-ness, or the amount of things available to do, we gave a 7 as not everyplace has a great big clubhouse with all the play toys. Overall we gave the place a 7. We felt that the rustic-ness could be improved, the ability to contact the staff could be improved and there was no hot tub.

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