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Forty Acre Club, Missouri.

August 1999.

How should I describe my first socially nude experience? Let me start by explaining my background. I am Asian with a very conservative background. My country, Malaysia, has very strong Muslim influence. You are not supposed to dress revealingly, much less be nude. So, being socially nude is also breaking a big taboo for me.

Jason, my fiancé and I, has been planning this trip for sometime. It was supposed to be our anniversary weekend and we wanted to do something special. We decided going to a naturist club should constitute as something pretty special. We drove early that Saturday morning and I was apprehensive enough to suggest to Jason that if I chicken out, let's go to Six Flags, which is not too far away from the 40 Acres Club.

It was raining that Saturday, not too good a sign. We missed the exit to the club and had to turn back and by the time we got there, it was pouring rain. Since we had planned to camp, I wasn't too happy with the weather. Jason ranged the bell at the gate and soon, a lady and a man drove up to the gate in a golf cart. They opened the gates for us and we drove our truck in. Rene, the lady who managed the place, greeted us. We paid the nominal fee for the grounds and the club, we were also told that Forty Acres has about 200 members and 90 lifetime members. We were also told that we are in luck since they are planning a Mardi Gras party that night to welcome the new members to their club and that there will be free dinner.

After the registration, we changed or actually stripped. I remember thinking, this is nuts. I am letting all these strangers see me naked. What about keeping my body sacred and only letting my man see it (this is an Asian concept). And then again, I think, "Pilly, grow up. You are an adult now and you may decide what to do. If you think that being naked is good, what does society has to say about that?" So I decided, let's do this. Naked, Jason and I walked to the pavilion, where there seem to be a lot of people having their noonday meal. We bought a couple of burgers and sat with this lady with her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend. We exchanged stories and then, another lady approached us. Lynn, it seemed, was offering to take us for a tour of the grounds, as soon as she is done giving the tour to another couple and we had finished our lunch.

Lynn showed us the club grounds and introduced us to more people. I got to swear that Lynn is about the most talkative and friendly person that we have met. That makes us feel more at home. During the tour, we were surprised to see that there are a lot of permanent houses on the club grounds. They have their share of trailers but the sight of permanent houses makes the club feel more family-like. This is something that is very important for Jason and I. We want to make sure that I feel completely at home and non-awkward. A family-like atmosphere will make me feel better. The tour showed us that the club has hiking trails, a pool, game courts, a fishing pond (Jason's report on the club probably will yield more details on the club).

That evening they had a parade of golf carts and the people were throwing Mardi Gras beads. We collected many strands that Jason fashioned into a skirt for me. Everybody was telling us that it is so creative and cute. I began to feel more comfortable. After dinner, they have a dance at the beautifully decorated pavilion. One of the club members is a professional DJ. They played a lot of teenage pop music and let the kids dance at first. As the night wore on, the songs start getting more to the adult taste. As I listen to some of my favorite tunes, I decided what the heck, I am here to enjoy myself. And enjoyed I did. I love dancing and quite a good dancer. I was showing everybody my moves and my tireless body. Jason kept consuming Jell-O shots to get himself intoxicated. Irish courage is the only kind that would help Jason brave the floor. We danced and I lost all inhibitions (I am already naked, I have no more inhibitions left J). From then on, the experience is as wonderful as was promised. It is absolutely the best trip that I have had with Jason. I was free to enjoy myself and I was able to show people who I really am, inside and outside.

The next day started gloomy and rainy but it soon shined. Jason and I had gotten dressed to leave when the sun showed itself. We changed our mind and spent about 4-5 hours more at the club, playing in the pool and sunbathing. Poor Jason burned.

In a nutshell (what a cliché), the whole experience was lovely. It is liberating and the people were fun. I can't wait to go back there. Jason and I were invited to come back for their Labor Day celebration. We would be sure to make that.

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