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Forty Acre Club, Missouri.

August 1999.

Hello Fellow Nudists,

Pilly and I have recently attended the 40 acre club in Londell Missouri. We were there August 7th and 8th and had a wonderful time. It was Pilly's first social nude experience and everyone at the club made her feel very comfortable.

We arrived saturday at about 11 am and it was pouring down rain but we decided to go, rain be damned. The club itself is located about an hour and a half southwest of St Louis and about an hour and 45 minutes southeast of our town of Columbia. There are main highways up until maybe the last 2 miles to the club which are dirt roads but in very good shape. You pull up to a gate, ring the bell 3 times, someone will come down , check you out, open the gate, and then escort you to the office. As i said it was pouring down rain but someone still arrived promptly at the gate in a golf cart.(members have a code to the gate) We were checked in to the club paid our $20 ground fees and were politely asked to disrobe. This is not a clothing optional club , you must be nude at all times. We proceeded to disrobe and went to survey the club.

The club itself is now located on 80 acres although it is still called the 40 acre club. It has been in operation since 1950 and has grown and improved much since then. The club has many nice private cabins, several permanent houses, and a handful of hotel units and numerous amounts of camping spaces both with electric and without. I don't believe you ever have to worry about not getting a space as there were many of them. We chose to take a primitive camp as they were brand new and not any people in that area. We thought it might be a little easier to sleep and we like prefer primitive camping. They said the sites we camped in were new and they looked it , fresh gravel, lots of trees, and new picnic tables. We parked our truck and got set up a little and walked up to the pool and pavillion in the rain.

The pool and pavillion are really nice and were were surprised to see it was full of people, the rain didn't seem to dampen anyones enthusiasm. We were greeted by everyone and offered to sit with several different folks. They were all very talkative and genuinely interested in us. We met an extremely nice and helpful resident named Lynn and she took us on a tour of the place in her golf cart. She pointed out the laundry facilities on site(wash and dry is only 50 cents). There are also plenty of bathrooms and showers both indoor and out. An inexhaustible supply of hot water at all times it seemed.The club has numerous gas barbecue grills you can use free of charge and a couple concrete bonfire pits with benches surrounding them. There are also a couple miles of wooded hiking trails. The whole resort was well maintained and beautifully wooded.

After the tour we proceeded back to the clubhouse. It has a big screen TV, a fireplace, a pool table, reading area, and dining room. A full sized kitchen is also there for anyone to use , all you have to do is keep it clean. The weekend we went it happened to be new members day and mardi gra. They had a free buffet for everyone that had a huge supply of food(although we packed enough food in our cooler for an army)and free drinks. We were not expecting this and it was a great surprise. We then stuffed ourselves like pigs and went back to the pavillion.

By the time we were done eating they had a D.J. booth set up in the pavillion, a disco ball strobe lights, smoke machine, and decorations for mardi gra. Then they had a golf cart parade with all the golf carts decorated. They drove by throwing candy to the kids and mardi gras beads.(this was all still in the pouring rain) We all then moved back into the pavillion and had a heck of a time listening to music and dancing the night away. The dance went till 10 pm and then the kids went home and the adults danced till 3am. We went to bed about 2 am though. It poured rain all night.

I woke up at 6 am and went and washed and dried all our towels. Walked to the clubhouse for coffee and went to the pavillion, I was surprised to see people there up so early on this rainy morning. We all got together and cleaned up the mees from the dance and talked. Pilly woke up about 9 am and came up and sat with us.

We were getting ready to leave about 10 am(we even had our clothes on) and the sun finally decided to come out so we disrobed again and went to the pool. The pool was very clean and had several chairs located around it. It is a inground pool or good size with a cement patio around it and a wooden deck around the patio. We never had to wait for a pool chair as they had plenty. We wound up staying until almost 5 pm and spent most of the afternoon around the pool and in it.

Some incidentals , the club also has a snack bar that is open form about 11am to 1 pm and serves a great variety of good food, cheap too. There are soda and snack machines on site(soda runs 50 cents)and computer games for the kids in the clubhouse. There also a covered outdoor dart area, tennis/ volleyball courts, and a fishing pond that i would have loved to fished but didn't have my gear. That's all for this trip we are going back labor day and they are having a potluck dinner and raffle then, we cant wait!!!

Jay and Pilly

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