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This report is brought to you by a couple that visited Forty Acre Club. Please email the preceding address if you have any questions or comments.

The opinions expressed are those of the person who submitted the report and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of NetNude.

Forty Acre Club, Missouri.


We just read the review Jay and Pilly did on the Forty Acre Club and could hardly believe it was about the same club we visited last year!

When we went, we were treated coldly, put in a terrible campsite and told little more than the membership price and the fact that if you're a member and don't show up to the 2 (spring & fall) clean up weekends that a fine of $100 is levied against you for each time you don't show. It's not like we're new to this, we've been to 15 other clubs and met lots of nice friendly people.

We've never felt so unwelcomed as we did at Forty Acres. Glad they had a good experience, but ours was such that we'll never go back again (too bad, as the next closest club to us is 300 miles and Forty Acres is less than an hour).

Email from a board member of the Forty Acre Club:

I, as a board member, would like to invite the couple who responded so negatively to the club in their response to Jay and Pilly nice write-up. I would suggest that they contact the club again and give us another chance. Nearly everyone who has visited our club has commented on how friendly we are, so they most have really been received by someone that had a really big problem that day and took it out on them. I am also contacting our membership chairman to consider giving them a free day to visit us again.

Note from Jan: The couple who visited the Forty Acre Club declined the offer and do not wish to visit Forty Acres again.

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