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Fossil Creek, Arizona, Report.



At Camp Verde, The Grand Canyon State, take SR 260 east 4.7 miles. Go right on gravel FR 708 for 15 miles. Bear left at FR 502; go 5 miles. Park at bridge. Walk down stream and pick a pool! Elevation 4,650 feet. Free nude camping and more sunning and swimming spots can be found by going right on FR 502, then taking any dirt track left to the creek.


Five Moons, Anytime.


This jewel, every pun intended, was brought to us by friends we have not yet met, Jan & Mark (last names to be known) of "WANDERLUST" magazine, 2720 Pickering Dr, Marshalltown, Ia, 50158. We haven't heard from them for a while, but they've done lots of exploring in the Southwest and all the information they've provided has proven to be spot on accurate.

Fossil Spring erupts into Fossil Creek at 20,000 gallons per MINUTE and is so highly mineral, it encrusts and fossilizes everything in it's path. The falling water then provides hydro power for a plant a couple of miles downstream. From there, it flows more than ten miles by aqueduct and pipe to the Childs Power Plant just downstream from Verde Hot Springs. (If only more power could be made this way, instead of from highly dangerous nuclear fission.)

Along the way, Fossil Creek provides an endless series of WORLD GUIDE CLASS sunning, nude hiking, and swimming opportunities. The best ones are downstream from the bridge. There are probably a few dozen upstream of the bridge as well, but that's one of the nice things about an area like this--one never runs out of places to be nude. As soon as one rounds the corner, out of sight of the road, one is in a Natural Naturist Eden of miles of 0 population; we doffed duds and never put them on until the sun set, and only then because it becomes cool in the desert after sunset. Zero litter made the place feel that much better; please help keep it that way. This is a perfect place to go when high water in the Verde River makes it impossible to reach Verde Hot Springs; in fact, the higher the water in Fossil Creek, the more exciting it can be. What a heavenly place this whole area is.

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