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Fraternity Snoqualmie, Washington State, USA.

Written in 2002 but current as of June 2008

I wrote this quickly after my first visit to a park in 2002.

Did you ever want to try something, just once? Ever challenged to try?

Travel the world, Teach at a University, Invent something, Visit a nudist park, be a famous writer, Vacation in Tahiti be a pilot, take up skydiving….

Take skydiving for instance. In a bull session at work the subject came up and I ventured that I’d probably like to try it once. One of the guys handed me a slip of paper with an address on it. He said: "Just show up Friday evening at 5." So I did… and the next day I was at the airport encumbered by innumerable pounds of equipment waiting for a flight. Thirty minutes later I began the experience of my lifetime enjoying the sport that gives you the most fun you can have with your clothes on. More about that later.

Here’s how I filled another one of those goals.

Picture me lying back in the hot tub soaking up the heat, watching hang gliders. A lovely young lady with nothing on but sunglasses climbs in and starts a conversation. Are you interested yet?

Maybe I ought to start this story at the beginning.

At a computer conference in Bellevue we were sitting around the hotel lanai during happy hour. Not partaking of the spirits myself it was easy to see that the others definitely had been through a significant attitude adjustment, the talk definitely had turned a bit ribald. Yes, odd as it may sound, even nerds think about the opposite sex. One of the crowd ventured that he’d like to see a certain waitress sans clothes. One of the three women in the group asked him if he were serious. Other than a few stammers and a red face the nerd that spoke didn’t communicate. The woman drew a map for us and gave detailed directions to Fraternity Snoqualmie and dared us to join her there after the conference on Friday, coincidentally at about 5:00. She explained what nudism was all about and assured everyone that they would enjoy their visit. To a man, they all agreed to be there. They couldn’t let the diminutive woman show them up, could they? The two women demurred.

Well, on Friday when nobody else had shown up by 6:00 I figured out just how brave they were. I was especially disappointed that the woman who had invited us didn’t show up either. Nobody at the gate house recognized her description so maybe she was just putting us on too. Ah what the heck, I thought, I’d come all that way, As a scientist I was curious… It was one of those things I’ve always wanted to do. why not? May be worth a chapter in my book, so…

A woman in a running suit asked a few questions… A few? They asked fewer questions when I applied for a secret clearance. No, I’m not a pervert… Really, I’m not. I’m just this guy…. This nerd.

Finally, I had passed inspection and the lady in the running suit quickly became the lady without a running suit and led me out for a tour of the place. Suggesting that I would be more comfortable without my clothes, I quickly complied even though more than embarrassed. Married all these years I do take direction well from females.

Therewith began a series of perplexing experiences:

Walking around without clothes with a woman I didn’t know, her without clothes too, was plenty enough to confuse my mind. I met all kinds of people. They were kind enough not to shade their eyes at the sun reflecting from my totally untanned visage. I’m not exactly slim and trim either but seeing lots of people bigger, smaller, better looking, and even somewhat less in shape than me soon had me over my reticence.

And everywhere I looked were nude people: swimming, in the hot tub, the Lounge, fixing food in the Kitchen, on the tennis courts, Sunning on the grass, everywhere, doing what people normally do but mostly without clothes.

After answering dozens of my questions, imparting a few rules, and explaining why I should always carry a towel, I was on my own.

No, not really on my own. "Are you new here?" came the greeting from every direction. Everyone went out of his way to make me feel comfortable. Many times I felt like I should pull my family pictures out of my wallet to show them but my wallet was in the car, in my pants. I certainly didn’t feel lonely. We chatted about mostly everything. Climbing out of the coldest pool known to mankind a lovely white haired lady, coming out right after me made a "pointed" remark about effects of cold on certain body parts. "The cold pool surely shrivels things up, doesn’t it?"

Oh it felt good canceling out the effects of the frigid pool in the hot tub. The discussion was some of the most literate conversation I’d had in many a fortnight. Evidently, a good education is very common in a nudist park. They told me of the music that night and the festival the next day, talking me into staying over. They insisted that I’d enjoy the music and dancing. Wait…. Dancing… nude… I wasn’t sure of that… besides, I’m not a good dancer. They assured me that many people that would be there weren’t all that good either.

The music was great, especially after I’d gotten my ear plugs out of the car. The dancing did turn out to be delightful, even with my two left feet. By the time I’d become laughed, and talked, and danced out I was ready to erect my tiny dome tent and climb into my sleeping bag for a solid night’s sleep.

The following day was beautiful and so were the people. What kind of people go to a nudist park? What kind of people go to Macy’s? What do they talk about? What does everybody talk about? Come to think of it, some of the talk was unique to a nudist park. For instance:

A woman digging into her purse:
"I just feel naked without my sunglasses."
"I take it you’re not Jewish."
"Here I don’t have to worry about ruining my blouse when I eat spaghetti but I don’t advise cooking bacon."

There was a sign in the kitchen: "No shoes, no shirt, no service" with the third "no" crossed out.

Remember that I am a scientist at heart so I did carefully take note of the effects of Newton’s laws, gravity, and momentum on the joggers’ bodies. This, of course, kept the Ahhh mathematical part of my mind busy for a while.

I do have to admit to a few salacious thoughts in the first half hour at the park. Fortunately, it didn’t take long to realize that the people there were far less provocative than a bunch of people at a textile beach or pool. Bathing attire is designed to attract attention, to elicit naughty feelings, not to cover up. There was far more modesty at the park than outside with the skimpy clothes. Certainly more modest than on my college campus on a warm summer day.

"Doesn’t nakedness cause lust?"  No, thank you very much. I can lust over someone fully clothed just as easily. Probably more easily. For some reason a nudist park is a very modest place.

How did it feel letting it all hang out? Actually, after gym locker rooms and the military, being naked wasn’t all that foreign to me. In fact it reminded me of skinny dipping as a kid at deep creek free, carefree, unencumbered… the cold pool, especially, reminded me of frigid deep creek. Best yet, there was no sand in my swimsuit.

Just a lot of very nice people unencumbered, not just of their clothes.

If you have the ….. Uh whatever to try nudism you’ll probably like it.

Paul L.

Here are some Bible quotations that apply:

Genesis 2:25  "And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed."

There is Saul who along with the Prophets of his day went nude (1 Sam. 19:24)

Isaiah walked around naked for 3 years as a sign to the people (Isa. 20:2,3)

Peter wore only his birthday suit when he was fishing – nudity being the work clothes of choice (John 21:7)

Was it gross to mention circumcision earlier? In the days when it was important it was there as a witness for all to see.

The Apostle Paul and Barnabas get naked as they show their humanness to the townspeople of Lystra when they thought they were the Greek gods Hermes & Zeus (Acts 14:14).

Take a look at the Sistine Chapel.

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