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Fraternity Snoqualmie, Washington State, USA.

Written in 2002 but current as of June 2008

Some thoughts on my first visit to the Fraternity Snoqualmie nudist club.

I always wanted to jump out of an airplane with a parachute Ė so I did it. Iíve always wanted to visit a nudist club Ė So on a warm fall Friday I did that too. Iím glad Iíve now done both but for very different reasons. Both were great experiences. Parachuting was more exciting but I permanently injured my ankles and knees. Visiting the nudist club was far more relaxing and I didnít injure anything.

First, my feelings about being nude in public. I have suffered from a severe case of claustrophobia most of my life. I canít ride in the back seat of a car without having a panic attack. Whenever I get hot and sweaty and canít move freely I get uneasy. Even clothes can be bothersome, especially if they are tight and constraining. Consequently, being out of all my clothes, being free and unencumbered, being open to the sun and wind feel very good to me. 20 years association with the military and nearly and lifelong communal gym shower rooms have eliminated any false modesty. I am what I am. If others see that then so be it.

Iíve always considered clothes to be something to hide behind. A Gucci shirt makes a different statement than a K-mart special but they really donít change the person inside. Of course, on this issue Iím dead wrong as far as society is concerned. People in the ďtextileĒ community really believe that they are what they wear. They put inordinately more into their choice of clothes than their choice of personality. Far be it from these people to expose themselves without their artificial protective textiles. The thought of seeing themselves as they really are must be scary. Allowing others to see them that way must really be scary. I feel sorry for them in a way.

ďModestyĒ, of course is another issue. We have grown up in a world that never did reject the Mid Victorian principles that the human body is ďbadĒ, that it has to be hidden. What must it do to oneís psyche to believe that his or her natural being is salacious, sinful? Do people really believe that under it all they are bad? Do they believe that they have to hide an innate sinfulness with colored trappings? Does that attitude sneak into how they think of their personal worth or worthiness? That just isnít healthy.

Approaching the subject of nudity with several women has led me to believe that modesty really isnít the only driver. The fact is that most people, especially women, are afraid that someone will see their imperfections if they donít cover them with stylish clothes. Not only do they believe that their bodies are, somehow, bad; but they have to hide their bulges, stretch marks, and other inconsequential perceived shortcomings. Nearly everyone seems to have a bad body image of themselves. They canít accept themselves as they are, they have to hide behind their protective clothes.

I took my clothes off that Friday and felt free. So Iím overweightÖÖ or perhaps Iím just undertallÖ.. So Iím old, so I donít have a good tan, so Iím not well endowed. So what? The positives outweigh the negatives. I felt free that Friday for a few hours.

How I felt being around a lot of other nude people. This, in fact, was surprising to me. I figured Iíd have all sorts of sexual feelings to inhibit and that it would take quite a while to get over them. In fact, right from the start, there was almost none of that. The places people normally cover up are justÖ. Places. Thereís no magic. Thereís no titillation. These are just people who arenít hiding behind anything. Sitting across from a lovely lady in the hot tub is a good example. Had she been wearing a bikini, I probably would have been stealing glances to see things I shouldnít see. But there wasnít anything I shouldnít see. Where the bikini would have been she was just like everyone else. What I remember about her is her lovely smile and the things she talked about. She was very nice to this old coot and Iíll remember that too. In a bikini attracting eyes to forbidden places, she would have been a sex object. Without it she was a person, and quite a nice person.

I didnít meet anyone who was curt or short tempered. Everyone, without exception was polite and well spoken. A very lovely German lady observed that there must be some German in me to be swimming in the cold pool. I remember her polite reply when I tried to greet her in my 45 year dormant German.

The live music that night was good, especially after I donned ear plugs. I even tried dancing a couple of times. I had no idea that nudists danced. Good people, good food, good conversation, it was a worthwhile experience.

I would like to thank everyone I met that Friday and the next day for an enlightening and pleasant afternoon. Iíll remember the rewarding visit and all the wonderful people who put up with this newbie.

Paul from Washington

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