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o Singles Information. This is a list of the singles policies of the clubs and resorts in the United States. (This list is being updated constantly.)

o The BAREier Island Naturist is a contact group whereby naturists/nudists along the Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana Gulf Coast can correspond through e-mail. The purpose of the organization is to promote social nudity on Ship Island and all along the Gulf Islands National Sea Shore. We will be working closely with the new Non-Landed Naturist Group called "The Sandy Bares", as well as working to help promote nearby family nudist resorts like LaPines in LA, Riviera and Sunburst near Pensacola FL. Members of the group are encouraged to organize nude outings, camps and hiking in the Desoto National Forest in South Mississippi. This group is for Male/Female Couples Only! Visit the site for additional information.
o Buff Divers is a travel club for scuba divers who enjoy being clothes-free while on vacation. Buff Divers has been arranging nude scuba diving trips for over 25 years. We arrange trips to outstanding dive destinations where its members can be nude. We accomplish this by filling an entire resort or live-aboard dive boat. Buff Divers has hundreds of members across the U.S. and several foreign countries. Snorkelers and non-divers are also welcome on Buff Divers trips! Phone number is: 936.825.0225. Visit the site for additional information.
o Census (Naturist), USA. This report is old. Hope you enjoy it too. We wonder if things have changed substantially enough to make a big difference in these stats... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)
o The Eastern Sunbathing Asociation Club Listings. Clickable map where you can click on a state to see a list of the clubs in that state. As much detail as is available will be listed about each club, including mailing address, phone number, links and email, if any.. These clubs are broken into six (6) CATEGORIES: Rustic, Improved, Modern, Deluxe, Luxury, and Travel. States include: Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia. Visit the website for additional information.
o Going to the Beach. A Web Site designed to give you access to the beaches around the world. Use our search program to find a particular beach or just browse our site and explore the possibilities awaiting your arrival. Includes: Beach of the Month; Beach Photo Contest, Sign up for Beach Travel Specials. Visit the site for additional information. (See our listing in
o Guide to Nude Beaches of the Northeast, beaches in New England, New York & New Jersey. Our guide takes you from the shores of Lake Champlain in Northern Vermont to the sun-drenched beaches of Cape Cod, Long Island, and New Jersey, to the crystal waters of the many lakes and streams throughout the Northeast. Our well-tanned crew has visited famous nude beaches where dozens of skinny dippers regularly gather, and ventured off the beaten track to secluded hideaways and secret swimming holes. Check out the site for additional information. (See our listing in
o International Naturists Association. Premiere worldwide naturist club. Full membership includes subscription to Naturally Magazine. Site includes: Photos of Freedom; Nudes in the News; Naturist Channel; Places to Get Naked. Visit the site for additional information.
o Mid South Nudists. The club is based in the Memphis, TN area, but anyone is free to join. We welcome clean-minded, family-valued (singles are very welcome)nudists with good morals. We do not discriminate against single folks, nor based on anything else such as race, religion, children status, age, national origin, etc., we're just looking for people who understand that this club is, and will remain, a safe place for nudists of all ages; from the grand-parents to the little ones. We do discriminate based on an individual's behavior. Obviously, overtly sexual comments, nicknames, etc., may be constituted as grounds for membership revocation. The goal of this public club is to provide a place for like-minded nudists in this area to meet and get to know one-another online before meeting IRL (in real life). There is a private, by invitation only version of the club for folks who are actually in the Memphis area and are serious about getting together in real life. In this one, we can safely exchange information we aren't comfortable with posting in a public club such as names, addresses, etc. Visit the site for additional information.
o Mooncrow's Naturist Pages contains information about Pacific Northwestern Naturist/Nudist clubs and resorts as well as links to national information sources. States covered include Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. With each state is included: Weather, Site Reports, Landed Clubs, Non-Landed Clubs and Other Places of Interest. Other nudism-related topics on the site included: Statistics, Nudist Calendar, The CO Digest FAQ, Other Naturist Online Sources, California Nudist Web Pages, Naturist/Nudist Terminology, USA Weather Reports, A Woman's Perspective, What is Nudism?, CO Beach Etiquette. Many people consider this the top informational site in the Pacific Northwest. Visit the site for additional information.
o NATIONAL NUDE REGISTRY. This registry is a central place for nudists and those who support the right to be nude to enter and be counted. The information gathered in here will be able to be accessed and used by nudists and nudist organizations, politicians, religious leaders and the media. This page and the information contained herein is copyrighted and permission is granted for the free use of this information for any reason as long as the source is given credit and the owner is notified by email of the purpose and date, method, and location of publishing or referencing this information. Note: Some data was lost so if you registered between the middle of November and January please re-register. Visit the site for additional information. (See our listing in
o Naturist Club for legitimate naturists/nudists - "G" rated. Join us and talk about naturism! Feel free to post your "G" rated, family-oriented naturist pic (over 18 please) or favorite links. Your profile should also be only "G" rated. Your profile lets us know you are a serious club member. We do read everything you enter in your profile. Visit the site for additional information.
o Naturist LIFE International, Inc. (NLI) is a family business promoting the nudist philosophy that the naked human body is inherently decent, beautiful and dignified. NLI promotes this gymnosophy by cultural education, our main medium being our beautiful, tastefully illustrated, quarterly magazine. We encourage readers to practice social nudity when reasonable and appropriate. We oppose pornography which distorts truth, unnaturally emphasizing only the erotic. NLI believes that the best way to counter pornography is by presenting the nude body in its true, integral, holistic light. True, positive chastity is not served by denying certain parts of the body, but rather by placing them in their rightful, God-given context. NLI differs substantially from other naturist and nudist organizations as a careful study of our gymnosophy (which is discussed on the site) will prove. Christian naturists in particular feel quite at home with NLI. Visit the site for additional information. (See our listing in
o Naturist Resorts. An introduction to the world of clothing free recreation. A where when and how guide to those wishing to explore a new universe. Included on site are: Parks and Resorts for the USA and Canada; International information; Bluebonnet Nudist Park. Visit the site for additional information.
o The New England Regional Naturist Pages provides links to information on naturism/nudism in the Six-State New England Region. There are some 25 Naturist/Nudist Clubs or Camping Parks or other businesses for naturists in New England. The States include: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont. Visit the site for additional information.
o Nudist Town - Message Board. The purpose of the club is to establish a discussion and membership in putting together plans for a small, nudist town. Lets talk! I am sure there are enough nudists with varied backgrounds who would be interested in discussing and planning for such a possibility. Visit the site and enjoy!
o On The Beach, the Beach Lover's Web Magazine. Great beach resorts, our favorite beaches, nude beaches, beach stories, beach cams, readers' review, adult beach toys and much more! Visit the site for additional information. (See our listing in
o The Naturist Singles Special Interest Group (SIG). The Singles SIG is an association for unmarried nudists who wish to meet other singles in a social setting. Also included on this page are the Calendar of Events, Single-Friendly Clubs, and Regional On-Line Contacts. Visit the site for additional information.
o Soak.Net. This is a HUGE site on Hot Springs. A place for natural hot springs resources. Search for Hot Springs by State or by name. Contains information on all the States in the United States. Leave a message in the Hot Springs Webboard. Some of the information on the site include: Visits to Chinati Hot Springs, and Boquillas Hot Spring by Kent Wilson. A neat page on Tofino and others by Tim Driskell. Piton Falls Warm Spring. A Trip to Safford, Arizona and its natural hot springs by Kim Sturmer. Life at High Temperatures, by Thomas D. Brock covers the microscopic life of Yellowstone hot springs. Hot Springs in the Ray Mountains of Alaska. Steve Karl for these, and everything on his great Natural Hot Springs of California page. Hot Springs in Dominica, courtesy of Dominica Online. Hot Springs books. Getting into hot water - Onsens in the Kansai area by Matt Malcomson. A complete listing of Hot Springs in the U.S. from the National Geophysical Data Center. A Street Atlas USA 3.0 map file (28K), showing the locations of many hot springs in the West. The Dusty Corner of the Net has a very wet page on hot springs. Links from George Cole's excellent Idaho, Hiking and Hotsprings website. The Geo-Heat Center is a good resource. An extremely brief description of the geology of hot springs. And much much more including photos. Visit the site for additional information.
o For anyone interested in nude (and some clothes minded) hot springs. A lot of the knowledgeable hot springs aficionados have gravitated to soakersforum, which is spam free and run by hot springs people. Visit the site for additional information.
o Swimming Holes East. You have found THE web site for over 150 beautiful, natural swimming places in 20 States in the Eastern U.S. - Maine to Florida. A cool, refreshing swim in a river, creek, spring or waterfall is the perfect compliment to your favorite outdoor activity - be it hiking, camping, canoeing, rafting or just exploring. Our focus is on moving, fresh water spots, like creeks, rivers, springs and waterfalls. We will also list swimming places on lakes, quarries or bays which have unique features that make them especially beautiful or fun for swimming, but not the typical state park lake or ocean beach. Visit the site for additional information.
o TANR International (Trade Association for Nude Recreation) represents select American and Caribbean resorts, clubs, cruises, campgrounds, parks, beaches, spas, and inns which offer wholesome nude and clothing optional recreation. Visit the website for additional information.
o X-Treme San Diego. This page was written up in Yahoo as a naturist 'FEATURED SITE OF THE WEEK', mid 1998. There are a lot of nude activities on this page... search around and you will find them... mostly in the left index. Included are: Naked snowboarding, naked rock climbing, Black's Beach Video Cam!, San Diego Beaches. Put on your sunglasses for this site!!!(Note: this site is being constantly updated so some of the links don't work.) Visit the site and enjoy!

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