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This report is brought to you by Chuck216. He can be found on the message board under the same name. The report was written by a female friend of his, originally published in the United States section of the message board.

The opinions expressed are those of the person(s) who submitted the report and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of NetNude.

Gunnison Beach Report

Summer 2005

Chuck: I have a "nudist" female friend. By nudist I mean her boyfriend has taken her to Gunnison and Haulover a couple of times each. Otherwise, she's more of an outsider, and gives (I think) an outsider's perspective below. She's a "fluffy" gal (not BBW), but her nudist boyfriend isn't as accepting of her un-slim body as she's been told nudists are, so the dis-connect confuses her. Here's a report (with addendums) that she sent me. I asked permission to post it on NetNude because it is so pertinent, and she readily agreed. She says that based on her boyfriend's attitude and numerous comments she overheard at Gunnison about this or that woman there, she thinks the claim that nudists are comfortable with all body types is a "bunch of hooey." See below.

REPORT by my female nudist friend

We decided to take a little break, and went up to New Jersey this week for two days, to go to Gunnison. I think we picked the best two consecutive beach days of the month! It was great, nice and hot, blue skies, sunny.

Once I got there, I realized I was still kind of "sore" from the whole incident a few weeks back [Chuck's note - boyfriend had made unkind comments about her weight]. I ended up staying fully dressed in my beach dress the first day. After a tearful discussion, I ended up wearing my bathing suit on for the rest of the time. But actually, I was very comfortable with that, and enjoyed the rest of the time, went in the water, and so forth. Not sure if it was always like this on our former trips, but there are actually quite a few women who are in suits, and many who have just bikini bottoms or thongs on (going topless, in other words).

There are more men than women, as usual, and THEY are just about all naked, except for the hispanic male gawkers (in very long shorts usually). Some women are naked, but some are partially dressed. And others just keep their suits on, like me! :) So, I don't think I offended anyone by not going nude this time. All the hooey about how it is a "safe" environment to be yourself, to be naked, etc, obviously isn't true with the person I'm with. But also, I happened to hear plenty of little comments from the men sitting around me this time.

In the summer, it is so crowded there, even on a weekday, that you are really up close with others, and so you can hear everything they say. There were PLENTY of critical comments about the various women that were around, and their body shape and parts. So, all those articles from the websites about how women can feel safe and accepted, etc .... are bullshit, at least at Gunnison. The men are always looking, and commenting, just like anywhere else .... or maybe more. So that's my report!

Her addendums-- Of course, the part about ME, has some history to it. My boyfriend isn't comfortable with my weight situation. I didn't fully explain that in what I wrote to you because we already talked about it. I will also comment that there ARE a lot of people there who are quite heavy, women in particular. Some of these very heavy women are extremely comfortable being completely nude. In fact, we saw one women there, probably close to 300 pounds, who had a beautiful all-over tan, and looked to be a "regular" at the beach. She was with friends, and maybe a husband or boyfriend. Actually, I might even say that the women who were heavy (and very heavy) were NOT the ones partially or fully dressed. Quite the opposite!

I just remembered .... One reason why I might not have heard the male comments about women in the past: when we first started going to Gunnison two years ago, I opted for the gay side of the beach. I just felt more comfortable there, and figured I'd be more invisible! Also, it isn't quite as crammed with people. But eventually we went toward the heterosexual side on our visits. It's been 2 years since we've been back, but we just went for the hetero side this time. In the gay section, you see lots of men with jewelry on their penis, and gay couples. Sometimes you see them holding hands, or one holding the other's butt. They are friendly and nice to women, but you know, there's no "energy" there. There are a few lesbians there too, but mostly it is gay men.

At Gunnison, there is an informal line which basically the lifeguard chair. As you face the water, to the right is more gay, to the left is more straight.

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