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I made my first trek to Haulover Beach in January ’07, while most of the U.S. was chilling with snow and ice storms. There are several Haulover reports posted on NetNude and lots more info is available on the web, so I’ll limit this report to my experience and some current updates.

I stayed 3 days and 4 nights at the Ocean Palm Motel for $100US per night, which is still fairly reasonable for lodging right on the beach during high season. The place is still hanging on, with minimal maintenance to keep the aging rooms and facilities going. With the Days Inn gone, Ocean Palm is the only hotel remaining near Haulover. Rumors have been spreading that the owner sold it, but he hasn’t, yet, and plans to operate for at least 1 more year. Three tall towers are being built to the north, making for an unattractive view and rude morning wake-up calls by construction noise.

1. Ocean Palm Motel from the beachside.

2. The motel pool; still naturist-friendly, but the number of naturist visitors is declining. A sign at the front desk states “No nudity around the pool.” There were skinny-dippers in the pool every day and night I was there.

3. The view to the north, from my room.

I took the 5-minute walk to Haulover Beach on a Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. The low temperatures were around 70 degrees (F) and highs around 80. Someone said the ocean was about 75 degrees. There were very high winds during the weekend days and nights, but that didn’t discourage over 1,000 visitors per day, many of them equipped with their portable wind barriers. Most of the crowd still gathers near the volleyball net and concession stand areas. They’ve added 250 yards to the clothing-optional section of Haulover within the last year or so. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and hope to make Haulover one of my annual destinations.

4. View to the north, from the beachfront near the motel.

5. 180-degree turn to the south, with Haulover Beach visible as a cluster of people around the lifeguard tower.

6. A closer view Haulover Beach; warning flags for high winds and rough seas are posted. It’s amusing to note that there are usually only about a dozen people on the beach within a half mile to the north or south of the clothing-optional area.

7. A postcard view provided by a beach volunteer group. The backside contains beach info and etiquette.

8. View to the south of the clothing-optional area.

9. Nudist amusement: we had a light rain shower for about 2 minutes, which sent several (mostly textile) visitors scrambling for shelter; 45 seconds before this photo was taken, there were twice as many wimps packed under the tiki roof.

10. A fine specimen of a Portuguese (Bluebottle) Man-of-War, and a smaller one in the background; there were several washed up on the beach from the rough seas.

11. Decent tan for January, eh?

12. As usual….happy feet!


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