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Hidden River Resort, Georgia.

April 2001

In April 2001 the Jacksonville (Florida) Times Union newspaper published a tasteful yet 'revealing' article about this South Georgia clothing optional campground/resort.

Reporting on a recent music festival, Nudie Blues, the article related the interaction between the resort owner, Barbara Hatten, and the traditionally conservative community in which she operates. While Hidden River had been clothing optional for 18 months at the time, most of the local residents had no idea that a nude campground was operating in their county. Not surprisingly, the news article pointed out that the Charlton County Sheriff's Office said that there have been absolutely no problems at the resort. Barbara said that her business decision to make the resort clothing optional resulted in a business improvement of 20 percent, averaging between 50 and 100 guests weekly throughout the year with patrons enjoying the comfortable Georgia/Florida climate nearly year round.

With continued and likely favorable publicity, a supportive community, and an outstanding website ( it is anticipated that more and more nudists will come to enjoy Hidden River in 2002.

This year's Nudie Blues music festival will be held on April 26-28th. This event, as its name implies, will have outstanding music, but will offer much more. With Spring temperatures usually in the comfortable upper 70s and low 80s, all kinds of outdoor activities are planned. Swim and sun by the pool, play horseshoes and volleyball, there will even be a Twister (remember the 1970's) competition for young and old alike. Hidden River also provides miles of hiking trails winding to and along the historic St. Mary's River. With a newly resurfaced pavilion, there's a covered location for barbecue cooking and picnic tables for dining enjoyment.

2002 will also bring about an attempt to establish a competitive coed volleyball league. Most games will be scheduled for the weekends, but 3-6 person pickup games during the summer weeks can also be arranged. Hidden River attendees should make their volleyball interest known to Barbara by leaving their name/phone number at the sign in table. Volleyball is an excellent way to work on the total tan while burning off some of those New Year's resolution pounds.

From one who's come to discover and love Hidden River Resort this past year, I encourage you to not miss out on an exciting and enjoyable clothing optional adventure in 2002. If you've never experienced social nudity, Hidden River is a great place to start. It's a no pressure, no “gawkers”, no lewd behavior, facility. If you are seeking social interaction or total solitude, Hidden River has a spot for you. With swimming and other campground activites, it's also an ideal facility for families with children. All ages are welcomed at Hidden River Resort.

Call Barbara Hatten at 912-843-2603 or visit the website for more information.

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