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Hippie Hollow -- near Austin, Texas

Late august and early september of 1999.

A couple of weeks ago, my wife & I spent the day at Hippie Hollow, a clothing-optional public park outside of Austin, Texas.

The park is on one bank of a huge lake, Lake Travis, and is one of the prettiest spots in Texas. It was a gorgeous day. Not too hot (for a change), nor too humid. Hippie Hollow has a bad lingering reputation for gawkers. While there are still some, usually late in the day, I have not noticed nearly as many in the last year as in previous years. The crowd (which depending on the time of year and day of week can vary from the dozens to the thousands over the 1.5 miles of shore front) is mostly nude, but there were many wearing something, including top free women wearing bikini bottoms or thongs.

The water was absolutely delightful! Warm & clear! Textiles come by in boats to have a look, but as the swimming area is bordered by buoys, it keeps them some ways off. (And as the boats are usually bobbing up and down, I always wonder what they can really see through binoculars anyway.) One couple came up on a jet ski, got nude, and proceeded to run around on the jet ski outside the buoys in the area nude.

We love Hippie Hollow, but unfortunately since 1995 it's been off-limits to children. The county passed an ordinance prohibiting anyone under 18 from entering, including children with their parents. We hated to dress & leave. We had to leave, but decided to stay nude 'til we arrived home some 90 minutes later.

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