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Hippie Hollow is a Travis County Park located on Lake Travis, just west of Austin, Texas. Entry fee is $5.00 per carload, and if you keep your parking ticket, you can come and go during the day at no extra charge.

The park is made up of trails winding through trees and shrubs, opening up to a rocky beach on Lake Travis. There is little shade, so you might want to bring an umbrella. Since there is no beach, bring either lawn chairs, air mattresses, or a heavy pad to sit on. There are restrooms, but no other facilities. Bring plenty of liquids, to keep from getting dehydrated.

This is a popular park, especially on weekends, so it is best to arrive by 10:00 a.m. in order to get a good spot. By noon the park is usually full, although people will still arrive for many more hours. I believe the park closes around 9:00 p.m.

Park Rules:

* No glass containersAdults only, over age 18 allowed
* No drugs allowed
* No sexual activity allowed
* No pets
* Pick up your own trash, and any other laying in your area
* Do not take pictures of people without their permission


Take I35 to the 290/2222 exit. This will be north of the downtown area. Take 290, going west, and follow it until it intersects with 620. There will be a 7-11 on the northeast corner of this intersection. Continue for another mile after this intersection, then turn left. The turn will be after you come down a steep hill, so be looking for it! There will be a brown sign here directing you to Hippie Hollow/McGregor Park. Go 0.6 mile to the stop sign, and turn right. Again, there will be a sign directing you to the park. Go 0.9 miles, and the entrance to Hippie Hollow will be on the left.

What is it like? It is like just about any other park. There are a variety of people, both singles and couples, of all ages. The "beach" is actually hard white rocks, so be certain to bring something soft to sit and lay on. The water is really clean, as is the beach. You won't find anyone playing volleyball or any other sport, but you will see plenty of people sunning and swimming.

The park patrol comes by every 30-45 minutes, and they are really friendly. As long as you follow the rules, you won't have any trouble from them. They are mainly there to control the gawkers, the exhibitionists and the drunks.

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