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Huntington Gorge, Vermont, Report.



From the general store on Rt. 2 in Jonesville, head east 0.2 mi., turn right over the tracks and cross a steel bridge, then a smaller bridge. Go left at the next fork on Dugway Rd. At the 0.5 mi. mark, turnoffs can be seen at intervals along the road. The first ones offer the easiest descent to the river; the ones farther up, where the gorge is much deeper, offer the best scenery. Enjoy!





HUNTINGTON GORGE, Jonesville, is a WORLD GUIDE class Naturist area with the longest nude section of any gorge we know of--a full mile long and then some. There's something for everyone at Huntington, from easy access areas where youngsters can enjoy the shallow water safely and naturally, to Class IV hiking down the steep sides to high cliffs for diving. In times of high water, one can shoot the Ntire length of the gorge in a raft or tube, but we wouldn't want to try it because we suspect the water would be FAR too cold. When the water's low it's quite warm, even by Vermont standards because the gorge enjoys good alignment to the sun even late in the day.

Sandy beaches are several and sunning boulders the size of a house are everywhere as the river cascades over/through a seemingly endless series of waterfalls, chutes, and pools. Unlike some areas of Vermont where sunclads either (not necessarily willingly) mix with clothes-mindeds/may even be in the minority, NUDE is THE RULE at Huntington; during our visits, we saw only those clothed but by the sun, a very welcome situation for us = WE HATE CLOTHES, especially when the only rational choice is the healthy option of Naturist (un)dress. There's more good news at this VERY well established area--we saw no gawkers. Regulars told us it's seldom a problem because the relief of the gorge is so irregular, gawker outposts are few. And MORE good news! We saw ZERO evidence of predatory/promiscuous homosexuals, also confirmed by the regulars, because Jonesville is far from any population center or tourist attraction.

CAUTION: The upper gorge, used by clothes-mindeds, is EXTREMELY dangerous during high water. People die in the tricky currents with frightening regularity, including most recently, a State Trooper who was on a tether, yet, trying to rescue someone else. They both drowned. One is well-advised to avoid it; in our way of thinking, it's not worth going there anyway because no nudes use it.

The last time we left Huntington Gorge we saw resident Vermonters exercising what's considered to be a birthright in the Green Mountain State. Down river from the gorge, several houses sit close to the river. At one of them, a couple was casually skinnydipping right in their own back yard on that sunny day. We tooted the horn and waved. It was NEAT! It was VERMONT!

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