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NOTE: these are OLD reports and are probably out of date.

o Fern Hills Club Report. June 2004. Fern Hills, set in the woods outside of Bloomington Indiana, provides a great escape from the norm. The approximately 76 Acres of grounds sport over 100 filled tent spots, a "birdbath" like swimming pool, a restaurant, a shelter area, golf cart trails, walking trails, Petanque, Horse shoes, and general socialization. I am sure there are more amenities, but to be quite honest we were lost in the social gatherings. There are tent sites and 30 amp sites. There is water and I believe (you should check on this) that some sites have sewer. You can get a 40' motor home in there. Really the only detractor to the grounds was the lack of a hot tub but some of the members have small hot tubs and I am sure that an arrangement can be made. Randy's "Foot Long" Fantasy Cook Out Saturday night, was a blast, as well as the dancing that evening. The Petanque courts were raked that night and a nice sized group peered at the court in use before tossing a boulle onto the sand. the pool was always a social scene and it being right next door to the restaurant was a definite plus. We had a wonderful time. They seem to be a very accepting group, know how to have fun when the kids are put to bed and yet how to be family during the day. The resort itself is about average, but the administration seems to be very interested in improving the club. In the grand scheme of things, their 6 room hotel wasn't exactly the Ritz, but in comparison, I think the cobwebs in the doorways can be overlooked to have a roof over one's head right in the central part of the club for a whopping 25.00 a night. (not including grounds fees) I did have to remind the staff, who were very apologetic, that most clubs don't have that much. I believe they have a sincere interest in upgrading the grounds. I also believe that they have decent grounds as it is, so look for something special here. With the combination of the interest by the administration, and the very friendly hard working club members, I see Fern Hills being next years hidden hotspot. It's a great place as it is. In closing, I give Fern Hills two big thumbs up. First, its a good resort, average amenities, good pricing. Second, its got a good bunch of people there and they know how to welcome others. Tell em' "Pinky" sent ya.

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