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Kaiser Warm Spring, Arizona, Report.

Top view of the warm spring pool

I visited Kaiser Warm Spring twice in April 2002, on the way to and from the 2002 gathering at Shangri La. There was one small soaking pool, about 6 feet in diameter, at the source of the spring. It was built of rock and concrete, with a capped PVC drainpipe in the bottom center. This made draining and cleaning easy. The water temperature was about 90-95*F. The pool looked like it had just enough room to accommodate about 4 friendly adults reclining…maybe 6 or 7 if they were sitting up straight. The spillover from the pool filled a small puddle area for rinsing feet.

View of the pool from the north

The scenery around the spring includes rocky canyon walls dotted with saguaro and cholla cacti, and small paloverde trees. About 50 yards past the spring, Kaiser Springs Canyon joins Burro Creek, which may offer some refreshing swimming holes, depending on the creek level. Situated in such a remote location far from any large population, there's lots of peace and quiet there, and visitors are few. During my visits I crossed paths with only 1 couple on a Monday and 1 couple on a Saturday.

View of the pool from the south

The trailhead to this spring is located along US Hwy 93, about 11 miles south of Wikieup, AZ, or about 65 miles southeast of Kingman. If you're heading south from Wikieup, look for a left turnoff, just before the Kaiser Springs Canyon Bridge (mile marker 135 is on the bridge). Road construction had recently been completed in this area, so the highway and new bridge are divided with 2 lanes in both directions. If you're approaching from the south, turn right just after crossing the bridge. The area under the bridge had been newly landscaped with native flora and an irrigation system. You could enter a cattle gate and drive under the bridge, or park in an area outside the cattle fencing. From there, make your way down to the gravel wash under the bridge and walk south (downhill) for about 1.5 miles. There is another access road on the opposite side of the highway about a half mile north of the bridge. This is a rough road requiring high clearance vehicles; it connects to the wash within a half mile of the spring. The wash along the canyon bottom is a very easy walk. It's also passable with an ATV all the way to the spring.

The surrounding area is BLM land with no use fees or restriction signs, so it appears to be acceptable for overnight parking and camping. The nearest services are 11 miles north in Wikieup. Due to extreme desert heat, the best times to visit are between October and April.

View from inside the pool by Nevada Naturist!

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