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Kauai Nude Beaches

Updated December 2012, see Larsen's Beach below.

November 2011 Naturist Action Committee Newsletter: Larsen's Beach.

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Link to June 2011 Naturist Action Committee Newsletter article on Larsen's Beach.

January 2007 Naturist Action Committee Newsletter: Secret Beach.

Updated July 2011, see Larsen's Beach below.

Updated February 2011, see Kauai Naturist Blog information, one paragraph below.

Updated June 2010, see Donkey Beach below.

Updated April 2010, see Larsen's Beach below.

Transport to Kauai, accomodation, dining, shopping, are out of the scope of this naturist location report. If any reader has questions on those matters, please do email me and I will try to help since I am on Kauai now. MOST IMPORTANT: If any reader has any negative encounter at any beach listed either from members of the public or police, I urge you to contact me immediately without delay. If hassled by a law enforcement officer, be certain to get the name and badge number, and which agency he or she is with (Kauai Police Dept., Department of Land and Natural Resources- DLNR, etc.) Aloha.

New! Kauai Naturists formed.

Naturists on Kauai have organized themselves into a social and political action group called Kauai Naturists. It was formed partly, but not exclusively, to counter harassment taking place at Larsen's Beach recently. Please visit the blog at: .


The story of the persecution of nude sunbathing on the Hawaiian island of Kauai has been told in many other naturist media and does not need exhaustive revisiting here. This brief summary will suffice.

For two terms, eight years, a female Republican mayor of Kauai named Maryanne Kusaka did her best to police nude sunbathing and to inform the sunbathers, public, and guidebook publishers that there are no nude beaches on Kauai, or anywhere else in Hawaii for that matter. She found sympathy among the large Asian community, of which she is a part, with Susan Kanoho, Executive Director of Kauai Visitor Services, and in wealthy mainland property investors, mostly from Colorado and California. With the latter she held public press conferences brokering land and development deals, in particular with Michele Hughes and her Kealia Kai project, above the historically nude Donkey Beach. Hughes is a social conservative who hates nudists. At this particular beach countless police visits, tickets, arrests, and general harassment of nudists took place in the 90's. Donkey Beach, besides being known as a traditional nude beach, has long been known as a place where gay males congregate.

Complaints about improper behavior were made. One well-publicized event boiled over when private security guards for the Kealia Kai project drove ATV's onto the sand and rudely told ALL persons present, nude and clothed, they were criminally trespassing as the beach is private. This, of course, is nonsense as all beaches in Hawaii are public. A videotape of the ugly confrontation was made and shown to Kauai County Council who were most displeased. The beach driving got them most angered - it is illegal in Hawaii. Much back door posturing took place and guards and cops backed off Donkey Beach for the most part. A lawsuit was filed against Kealia Kai and the county by the Sierra Club to stop building homes that could be viewed from the beach. The suit was settled with that provision in force.

And one would think that is the end of it, right? Michele Hughes, the conservative property developer from Vail, Colorado and Tiburon, California mentioned above also owns multiple vacation rental homes on zoned agricultural land above Secret Beach on the north shore, another traditional nude beach. Vacation rentals are not allowed on ag. land. Whereas Donkey was known as Kauai's gay nude beach, Secret was known as the straight nude beach. I have heard different timelines, but by 2001 or 2002 latest Hughes placed a male vigilante of Japanese descent named Sakae Takenaka at the base of her driveway which opens onto Secret Beach. His job was ostensibly to keep the beach clean and stop the hippy masses who might try to ascend the driveway into the rich peoples' homes. In reality, he carried a "security officer" badge on his belt, cell phone with camera, binoculars, perhaps mace or pepper spray, and walked Secret Beach daily ordering nude persons to dress and taking their picture with his cell phone camera and calling police. I did research into this with the help of the Naturist Society's Bob Morton ( We discovered Takenaka did indeed call the Kauai Police and officers were assigned to respond to Takenaka's complaints about beach nudity. I obtained some Daily Dispatch Logs of the Kauai Police Department, which were posted online and are public record, showing this on several dates over the years. (The current logs are no longer online, the police chief told me in September 2009 they no longer have the budget to do this.)

I have never seen cops respond to Secret Beach. Takenaka's actions were and are illegal as there are no provision for vigilantes under Hawaii law, and security guards cannot patrol public property, which all Hawaii beaches are. Kauai naturists obtained his employment contract, using the state freedom of information laws. He is technically employed by a registered nonprofit called the Kauapea Homeowners Association, created by Michele Hughes, which says his duties are to collect rubbish from the beach. He is paid $15. per hour. The contract makes no mention of patrolling the beach and reporting nude persons.

I was absent from Kauai from May 2007 until September 2008 for work. Since my return I have learned Takenaka had a heart attack and no longer is physically able to walk the length of Secret Beach. Even before this, local nudists told me via email that the harassment stopped in 2007 due to the fact that the Naturist Society and myself publicized on the internet Takenaka's name, which he wanted to keep secret. The January 2007 edition of the Naturist Action Committee Newsletter sent to naturist activists worldwide, contains the story. I also made many complaints to the State of Hawaii about his actions and Takenaka has reverted to just picking up dead leaves from the beach. However, he still religiously tacks up a no nudity and no camping sign on blue paper every day on a tree at the point the public access trail empties onto the beach. Michele Hughes' staff publish the sign, not law enforcement. The sign is usually torn down by beachgoers. For many years nude use of Secret Beach was sparse and furtive, but naturists are presently reclaiming the beach.

For those of you who live on Kauai, or who are planning a long-term stay, the book KPD Blue: A Decade of Racism, Sexism, and Political Corruption in (And All Around) the KPD, by Anthony Sommer, is required reading. You won't believe what goes on here behind the scenes! can get it.

Legal Notes:

Topfree and g-string for ladies is LEGAL on ANY beach in Hawaii, EXCEPT beaches which are STATE PARKS where a special state park administrative rule against full nudity AND topfree is in force (HI State Park Admin Rule 13-146-38). These beaches comprise a minority of beaches in Hawaii. On the island of Kauai, Polihale Beach, Wailua Beach, Ke'e Beach (a.k.a. End of the Road/Haena State Park), and Kalalau Beach (but read below) are state parks. They are under supervision of the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR). They have armed, uniformed rangers who patrol. If a DLNR ranger sees you nude or topfree on one of those few beaches you will be ticketed. Just be aware what beach you are on and who owns it. On county beach parks and undeveloped ("unemcumbered") beaches topfree is legal. On May 18, 1979 the Hawaii State Supreme Court decided two cases, State v. Linda H. Crenshaw and State v. Jo Ellen Steinlauf, case numbers 5791 and 5792. The court ruled that ruled female breasts are not private parts. Their lower court convictions for open lewdness were reversed.

Many local residents find topfree and nude persons offensive. Most people in Hawaii are very religious. Mormons, fundamentalist and evangelical Christians are very numerous here. Having said that, I have seen topfree and nude male and female local residents on Maui and Kauai beaches, especially Little Beach on Maui.

Technically total nudity in the form of merely non-lewd nude sunbathing is NOT illegal despite what 99% of people will try to tell you. Anti-nudity zealots in Hawaii state tourist offices and county tourism offices wrote to major tourist websites and guidebooks that there are no such thing as topfree or nude beaches anywhere in Hawaii and demanded they stop mentioning certain beaches are nudist! What they refuse to tell, or don't know about, is that there were Hawaii State Supreme court cases on September 29, 2000 (HI v. Kalama-case number 22457, and HI v. Milford-case number 22489) which interpreted the HI obscenity statute at Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS) 707-734 and unanimously threw out lower court convictions for obscenity against 6 sunbathers on Oahu island at Polo Beach. They were sunbathing nude and behaving appropriately. The supreme court said nudity had to be INTENTIONALLY affronting or alarming. A nude sunbather who is not in his or her mind intending to affront or alarm passerby does not make himself or herself guilty under the obscenity code, the court said. Also there cannot be a ticketing or arrest unless a private citizen complains. In HI v. Kalama and HI v. Milford cops arrested sunbathers on routine patrol without private citizen complaint. HOWEVER, NOTE WELL, bigoted and intolerant police on Kauai will still try to harass nudists either unaware of, or not caring about what the court ruled, hoping you don't know the law and will comply with their conservatism. It is not 100% smooth sailing yet. There is a mentality on Kauai that they are separate from everywhere else, even the rest of Hawaii. And being separate they feel US and Hawaii laws and court rulings do not apply to Kauai. Remember that even if a private citizen complains to the police about your nude sunbathing, they, and the prosecutor must prove the nudity was intentionally intended by you to be affronting and alarming. Do not plead guilty if you are behaving yourself and a cop writes you a ticket for topfree or nudity at a NON-state park location.


Larsen's Beach.

Update December 2012 - Larsen's Beach.

For those who have not yet heard Paradise Ranch owned by Bruce Laymon re-installed the illegal May 21, 2011 fencing on Saturday December 1, 2012 at Lepeuli. The fencing forms a square enclosing about 2 acres. The intent is as always, to block the lateral coastal ala loa trail. The fencing off of a historic public trail claimed by the State of Hawaii is under the scam of a Seabird protection Area approved by the Kauai Planning Department.Conditions of the Special Management Area (SMA) permit granted to Paradise Ranch saying the lateral, coastal trail cannot be blocked are violated. Additionally, a metal pole was installed in the center of the trail entrance in the parking lot making access for larger persons, persons carrying children, and those carrying gear difficult. New barbed wire was also placed on the two wood posts between the parking lot and trail. This makes passage onto the trail potentially dangerous for those persons named above.

After the illegal fencing was installed in May 2011, most beachgoers used the steep, liability-laden county easement trail or walked around the illegal fencing to reach the beach. Then, about July 2012, the fencing was cut and beachgoers again walked down the lateral coastal trail as they have forever. Then on December 1 the illegal fencing went up again.

On December 10, 2012, Richard Spacer, President of Kauai Naturists, filed a notarized complaint with the Kauai Police Commission asking them to investigate and review the role of the Kauai Police Department at Lepeuli on December 1, 2012. I (Richard Spacer)observed two marked cars at Lepeuli that day, one with a uniformed officer on Koolau Road talking with Bruce Laymon, and another unoccupied car inside the parking lot next to the trail entrance. Questions to be pondered about this are why the police were needed there. Who called the police? How were they called? How many were there? Were there vice cops there? Were certain police officers hand-selected by Paradise Ranch or Waioli Corporation to be there and not others? Was the Kauai Police Chief aware of this at the time? Who is paying for the police to be there, us as taxpayers, Waioli Corporation, Paradise Ranch, adjoining Kaakaaniu property owner Patricia Hanwright??? KPD officers were overseeing the violation of the SMA permit granted to Paradise Ranch, which states the lateral coastal trail cannot be blocked. Why weren't the police PREVENTING the trail from being blocked????

Another note, Bruce Laymon was telling people December 1 the shoreline is the VEGETATION line and people camping among the trees by the shore and beach or tying lines to those trees for tarps, etc.are trespassing. A Hawaii state supreme court case, Caren Diamond & Harold Bronstein vs. State of Hawaii Department of Land & Natural Resources and Carl Stephens, Case No. 26997 October 24, 2006, re-defines the shoreline as the highest wash of the waves in the season with the highest waves (winter) excluding named storms and tsunamis.

Finally, witnesses who were present at Lepeuli Dec. 1 stated that multiple local or Filipino looking males with pick up trucks were standing on the beds of their trucks carrying long armed guns, either rifles or shotguns. One such truck was actually on the public, county-owned right of way dirt road to Larsen's Beach! This was mid-afternoon. Since when are acts of intimidation of the public by private landowners, lessees, and their friends including police friends like this allowed?! It is the job of the KPD to make your visit to Kauai SAFE and your beach experience SAFE as well.

Update July 2011 - Fence at Larsen's Beach.

On Saturday May 21, 2011 Waioli Corporation lessee Bruce Laymon installed fencing across the gentle, lateral trail to Larsen's Beach. The fencing of this trail is specifically prohibited by his Kauai County SMA permit (Condition 6). The permit allows Laymon to do fencing per se, but NOT fencing the lateral trail. Richard Spacer, President of Kauai Naturists, in his private capacity as a resident of Kauai, submitted a formal petition to the Kauai County Planning Commission requesting a public hearing on the matter and requested that the permit granted to Laymon be voided. Readers will be updated as soon as news becomes available.

Menawhile, it is imperative naturist users of Larsen's Beach CONTINUE TO USE that beach. Those who are reasonably fit can access the beach using the steep easement trail which is directly makai (seaward) of the parking lot.

The photos were taken May 21, 2011. In particular, the readers are asked to look at the photo of the three women.

Larsen's Beach - Nyoc-Lan Pham and her family at the top of the steep easement trail.

Mainland visitor Nyoc-Lan Pham, wearing the red shirt, was on a family pilgrimage to Kauai and visited Larsen's Beach the same day Bruce Laymon installed the fencing. Her husband died at Larsen's Beach 11 years ago. She wanted to see the beach "and touch the water" where her husband died. Unfortunately a head injury a couple of years ago has left her weak. Her family tried to lead her down the steep easement trail (one in front, one behind) but she couldn't make it. If the lateral trail was open, she, and others with similar infirmities would still be able to go to the public Larsen's Beach. Young mothers with baby carriages, those with crutches, small children and other mobility-challenged people have all been able to reach Larsen's Beach until now.

Larsen's Beach - Bruce Laymon ( at right with dark shirt, sunglasses and holding a green beer bottle) and his associates after installing the fence.

Larsen's Beach - a couple trying to exit the lateral trail after spending the morning at the beach. The fence was installed while they were at the beach.

Larsen's Beach - the new fencing blocking off the lateral trail.

Update April 2010 - Problems at Larsen's Beach.

A cattle rancher named Bruce Laymon was recently granted a permit by the state of Hawaii to start operations for a 600 acre cattle ranch directly behind Larsen's Beach. A group of community activists appealed against that decision. In the meantime Laymon and his employees, who he states are his family, have started verbally harassing naturists and others who attempt to use Larsen's Beach, a public beach. A gradual traditional trail to the beach used by beachgoers for many years and Native Hawaiians long before them is being fenced off by Laymon which he claims is on private property. This leaves a steep, rocky trail also on private land, and a county trail that was blocked off by fencing years ago and inaccessible to the public. Laymon wants Larsen's Beach shut off as much as he can. He has stated his opposition to naturists, gays and hippies, and said he will call the police and photograph either type of person if he sees them on Larsen's Beach with the goal of having them arrested.

Kauai Naturists (kauai.naturists (at) has been organized to respond. (If you wish to email Kauai Naturists, use the preceding address but replace the '(at)' with the '@' sign.) They have no website yet. You can also use the email link for me Miacomet, at the top of the entry.

Laymon accosted me at the beach in March 2010 while I was photographing him and his employees removing vegetation in the zone behind the beach, a conservation zone, with brush hogs. His permit allows only hand tool clearing. He flew into a rage and said I should have my lawyer come down here and see the 100 Hawaiians he is going to have on the beach next week. He told another beachgoer known personally to me the same day that he was going to have 50 Hawaiians at Larsen's Beach next week, and will drive out all of us haoles (Caucasians) off Larsen's Beach. He stated he intends to reclaim Larsen's Beach for his family and for the Hawaiians. Presumably he wants to reclaim it FROM naturists, gays, hippies and Caucasians. That is a federal hate crime, driving (by force or intimidation) an entire class of persons from public property. A complaint has been filed with the FBI and the Naturist Action Committee has been kept regularly updated.

On January 13, 2011 at a meeting of the Board of Land and Natural Resources in Honolulu, the board voided the state permit which Laymon decided to surrender, because community activists including naturists were costing him and Waioli Corporation too much time and money. Legal fees alone exceeded $40,000. we were told. We thought the fencing matter was over. On January 19, 2011 Laymon then installed 2 fence posts, in excess of 6 feet high, in a position which is intended to cut off the gradual access trail. Actual barbed wire fencing has not yet been installed. Laymon told beachgoers he did not need a state permit to fence, because he also holds a county permit. Although his county permit allows him to do fencing, it does NOT allow him to fence off this particular trail! A specific permit condition states this. Currently fencing work is not proceeding, though it is possible that may change. While installing this fencing January 19, a young lady asked Laymon WHY he was doing this fencing. His answer was to keep campers, nudes and gays from using Larsen's Beach. Can you believe this arrogance and hate?!

If you go to Larsen's Beach do not go without a video capable device with audio recording capability. If you are threatened in any way because of your naturism or your race, get it on tape and contact Kauai Naturists immediately.

Larsen's Beach
Photo Courtesy Of Viking Photography

Larsen's Beach is where many on Kauai go nude these days. Many who go to Larsen's today used to be regulars at Secret Beach or Donkey Beach. Reached by Koolau Road which in turn is off Kuhio Highway, the main road on the island's east side. From the south (Lihue, Kapaa) driving north turn right at the Moloaa Sunrise Fruit Stand at mile 16.5 (there is a roadside emergency callbox opposite the turn) and go north about 2 miles on Koolau Rd., a winding curving road all the way down past Moloaa Road then up again until on the right you see a white pvc pipe with "beach access" written on it. It is next to a telphone pole and a small sign with the number 7 on it. Go right on the dirt road which has 3 white mailboxes with 7198 on one and 7200A on another.

Larsen's Beach Turnoff

If you pass the tiny Koolau Cemetary you just passed it. You will likely miss the turn as a first-timer, just look for the cemetary and go back. If coming from the north of the island (Princeville, Hanalei) going south take a left at the point where Koolau Road meets Kuhio Highway at the north (it is a loop road, joining Kuhio Highway at 2 points) about mile 19.8, (the 20 mile marker is the last thing going south before the left turn) and go south on Koolau Road about 1.5 miles until you see the cemetary on left. Just past it take the left on the dirt road with the landmarks described above heading "makai" (toward the ocean).

Larsen's Beach
Photo Courtesy Of Viking Photography

After you park go through the entrance with wooden fence posts on either side. Keep an eye on the fence line on right and walk towards the ocean. You will see a fairly steep trail straight ahead and down- take it. Watch your step, it can be very slippery. OR, take another gradual, easy trail bearing left that follows behind the beach and walk onto the sand at multiple points through vegetation where you can see paths to the beach. This is the trail under contention with the 2 fence posts. Depends on the day, but the majority of users are nude or topfree. Sometimes conservative family groups sit near where the trail comes onto the beach. Just avoid them.

Moloaa Beach.

Moloaa Beach
Photo Courtesy Of Viking Photography

Moloaa is more of a topless or swimsuit beach and not really a nude beach. Still, if you go to the far end, away from homes, you are pretty far from casual observers.

Moloaa Beach
Photo Courtesy Of Viking Photography

These photos were taken fairly early in the day before the beach got much busier. In these photos I am showing both directions of the beach. The home you see in one picture is the direction you walk from to get to the far end where the models are. Moloaa is the only beach on Kauai I have seen a sea turtle at. Remember ladies, topfree is your right, so enjoy! To get to Moloaa go north on Kuhio Highway and turn right at the Moloaa Fruit Stand, mile 16.5. Just like going to Larsen's Beach continue on Koolau Road with the switchbacks until you see Moloaa Road on the right. Take this road until you see cars parked at the end. Park courteously and do not block anyone in. The parking is poorly organized as the road basically ends at this point and homes are on both sides of the road. No facilities, take everything with you.

Moloaa Beach
Photo Courtesy Of Viking Photography

Kalalau Beach.

This beach is the one at the end of the world famous 11 mile Na Pali Coast hike. Unlike most of the other beaches on Kauai, this is a STATE PARK BEACH (recall legal comment above) and a special administrative rule against nudity and topfree applies here that does not at most other beaches. However, many go nude and luckily due to budget constraints rangers are rarely there. MAYBE every two months for a day. When they show up they are flown in by helicopter-you will know when they arrive!!

Kalalau Beach.

You need to arrange a camping permit from the state in advance if you want to be legal. Permits are available from the DLNR office in the State Office Building, Lihue, Kauai. Tel. 808-274-3444. Many people don't bother but I think it is a $100. fine and court appearance and you must vacate immediately if rangers fly in by helicopter and catch you without a permit. If you don't bother with a permit, especially in summer season, do not camp on the beach but camp in groves near the Kalalau Stream. Ask the local guys who live in the valley where to camp if you don't have a permit - they don't have one! I camped right on the beach and it was great. I put 4 lava rocks in the 4 corners of my tent to stay it from the wind.

The sign at the beginning of the Kalalau Trail.

The hike requires overnighting at the beach. You must be in good shape. Many, especially from Europe, travel to Kauai just to do this world-class hike. You need a small tent, all food (avoid trailmix with chocolate-just melts, and limit tins of things like tuna and sardines, the weight in your pack adds up, try plastic ziplock bags for most things), and iodine tablets (essential and available at Longs Drugs, Kapaa for about $6.00) to purify drinking water, which is available from a deliciously crisp, cold waterfall at the beach. That is where you will shower too. Most people take 5-7 hours one way to hike in from the trailhead at Ke'e Beach. After 2 miles, where only permitted persons are allowed to hike, keeping out day trippers from the trail, many used to traditionally strip and hike nude except for boots or running shoes, BUT there can be lots of mosquitos, esp. at mile 6, and the sun can be fierce, so most wear some clothing for those reasons rather than modesty. At the beach, once you see the locale, it becomes obvious wearing clothing there is silly. I finally made it there in September 2005 and stayed a week. I noticed several young couples would hike in, arriving in late afternoon, set up camp, and notice others of us already there nude and still stay clothed!

Tents on Kalalau Beach.

Next morning when the surreal surroundings of the place sink in, and you look up at 4000 foot high fluted green pali (cliffs) against blue sky and passing puffy clouds and realize you have a mile of beach with no cars, few people, no electricity, no civilization, no cell phone (they don't work there) most people then come to the conclusion clothes are not needed there either. Typing in "Kalalau", "Kalalau Trail " or "Na Pali" in Google or Yahoo search engines will yield stories of the hike in better words than I can describe. The guys who choose to live in Kalalau full time are cool if you are too and are low key. There is usually a pizza party on every so often. Ask them nicely if you can contribute and join. When I went I donated a couple pounds of cheese and pepperoni and helped chop and saute garlic and onions! I would suggest bringing those, or other ingredients for a pizza party and getting to meet some new people! Depends on if people, meaning YOU, bring the cheese, anchovies, etc. if the party happens. Some produce is grown by these squatters in the valley like onions and tomatoes. One of the best pizzas of my life was in September 2005 at Kalalau.

Miacomet's Tent at Kalalau.

Waiakalua Beach.

Waiakalua Beach
Photo Courtesy Of Viking Photography

This beach on the northeast side of Kauai is reached from the main drag Kuhio Highway by taking a right at North Waiakalua Street as you head north. It is at about mile 20.8. A sign saying "Kilauea Farms" is on the right corner. If when going north you see the 21 mile marker, you missed it. Go about two tenths mile on this paved road. There the road ends in a cul-de-sac. Go left on a dirt road bordered on both sides by ironwood trees that were recently trimmed. Go to end, about one minute, and park so other vehicles can pass and are not boxed in.

Waiakalua Beach Trail

You will see a couple of boulders and a metal pole at beginning of trail. The view from this point above the trail is breathtaking. In January and February humpback whales are usually visible spouting or breaching.

Waiakalua Beach
Photo Courtesy Of Viking Photography

You can see two small beaches down to the right, these are the Pila'a Beaches. Many locals misname Waiakalua Pila'a. If you are lost and ask for Waiakalua and they give you a blank look, mention Pila'a instead. Pila'a beaches are accessed by private roads and textile families usually go to them. That is not where you want to go. You want the beach on the bottom LEFT, which cannot be seen from the parking area. Go down the trail from the parking area straight ahead facing the ocean carefully, it's fine in dry weather but very slippery if it has rained. The trail descends almost 200 feet down - very steep! This is a steeper trail than to Secret Beach. At the bottom go LEFT and around the bend in the beach you see as you arrive. If you go all the way to the end there is a small stream and a grove of fig trees which provide shade.

Waiakalua Beach
Photo Courtesy Of Viking Photography

Because of the seclusion and difficulty of access, most users overall to this beach go entirely nude, although it varies day to day. There are a couple of residential homes and vacation homes above (out of view with one exception) and it depends on who shows up how much nudity there is. Many weekdays I have been alone there all day. Some weekends might have three or four couples and the same number of singles all day. Once in a while a conservative family might turn up, but this is uncommon. If so, just move a little further away. Along with Kalalau Beach, this is my personal TOP PICK for a Kauai nude beach experience.

Secret Beach.

Secret Beach
Photo Courtesy Of Viking Photography

This beach in Kilauea on Kauai's north shore has been the traditional straight nude beach of Kauai for a very long time as mentioned above. It has been named in various Kauai guides and in Baxandalls' World Guide to Nude Beaches and Recreation as a nude beach for years.

Secret Beach
Photo Courtesy Of Viking Photography

When you reach the beach walk east towards the lighthouse as far as you can until you arrive at "Third Beach", set way back from the water, or "Fourth Beach", over a half mile from where the trail empties onto the beach. Between "Second Beach" and "Third Beach" you can spot a couple of "showers", pipes which years ago someone put into cracks in the cliffside and from which fresh water pours out. Very refreshing after a day in the sun. It a beautiful beach with views of Princeville to the west. Bottlenose and spinner dolphins are often seen frolicking in the water. There is no reef offshore of Secret Beach, so the ocean comes in full strength and can be very dangerous in the winter. There is no lifeguard service here or anywhere nearby. On many winter days it is impossible to walk all the way along the beach due to the high surf. 20 foot waves are not unknown. Secret Beach is located on the north shore in Kilauea. Going north pass the Shell station and Menehune Market, this is north of mile 23. You will pass Banana Joes on the left. Keep going and the next possible right is Kalihiwai Rd. coming from the south. Turn right onto Kalihiwai and immediately go left. Then take the next immediate right, a dirt road. This dead ends in the parking lot. The trail down is on the left side of the lot as you face a new home being built at the parking lot. Do not be confused by the other Kalihiwai Road further north. That does NOT lead to Secret Beach. Years ago a tsunami wiped out the road so the road is in two parts.

Donkey Beach

Update June 2010.

The County of Kauai has constructed a bike path that runs from Kapaa north to Donkey Beach that terminates immediately north of the beach. It runs alongside and above the beach and at the southern end a picnic table pavillion was built offering an unobstructed view of the entire beach (see photo below). The entire beach is also visible from the northern end looking south. Any nude use now is strongly NOT advised. Topfree use is perfectly acceptable. The photos here are for historical remembrance of what was not what is today.

Donkey Beach


Donkey Beach
Photo Courtesy Of Viking Photography

Located off Kuhio Highway at about mile 11.5, the next beach north of Kealia, which is north of Kapaa, (mile 8 to 9) it is marked only by a brown international hiking symbol sign, a pictogram of two hikers. Nothing says "Donkey Beach". There is a parking lot with newly constructed restrooms and a sign points way to path down to beach. I visited twice.

Donkey Beach
Photo Courtesy Of Viking Photography

One day a small group of couples and young ladies were there, all suited. Another day there were three or four nude males and one nude couple, plus half dozen suited persons. It's a pretty enough spot, very popular with experienced surfers in winter. Some people complain about lots of driftwood and debris that washes up on the sand. A newly constructed county bike path now runs close to and above the beach now so nude use these days is very sparse.

Aliomanu Beach.

Aliomanu Beach
Photo Courtesy Of Viking Photography

Reached from Kuhio Hwy at about mile 15.5. Going north take a right at Papaa Road, at the top of a big hill. Go past about three homes and take a right Kalalea View Dr. Go a short distance and look for beach access sign on left. Take this road down towards ocean. Park in little lot which has another beach access sign. Go down path from lot to beach. Most people get naked left out of sight of the one home on the beach. It is usually very empty there. I have seen many girls topfree there over the years but only a handful of nude persons. You can also go to the right and see who is or is not there. It might be OK to go nude on your day.

Aliomanu Beach

Tunnels Point Beach.

Tunnels Point Beach
Photo Courtesy Of Viking Photography

This beach has been clothing-optional for 40 years. Located immediately east of Tunnels Beach, which is Haena County Park in Haena, north shore. Million dollar homes abut the beach and you feel as if you are sunning in someone's back yard. I reminds me a little of Lanikai on Oahu, but more beautiful. I went there a lot in 2004 until a county lifeguard tried to have me arrested. Of course, I wasn't and I made a formal complaint against the lifeguard which resulted in the generation of the Kauai Fire Department memo instructing lifeguards how to handle topless and nude situations. He "ignores" single nude females - he likes to see girls on "his" beach, but not males, even males with girls!

Tunnels Point Beach
Photo Courtesy Of Viking Photography

Kauai County Lifeguards patrol on ATV's. It is a beautiful spot and sunsets behind the "Bali Hai" peak are memorable. Try and just remember topfree and g-string is legal beyond debate, as is non-lewd nudity. From Hanalei keep going west, past Lumahai Beach and through some switchbacks. Keep a sharp lookout for bicycles and pedestrians. Pass the turn for Hanalei Colony Resort and look for cars parked in a turnoff to the right. Parking is a real pain here. If no spots on the turnoff go until you come to the Haena County Park parking area. Park and walk along the beach back the way you came and go around the point, where the beach changes direction. Anywhere in that area is OK.

Tunnels Point Beach
Photo Courtesy Of Viking Photography

Trophy Home at Tunnels Point Beach

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