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Knightville Dam, Massachusetts, Report.



From the intersection of US Rt 20 and 112 in Huntington, Mass, take 112 north for 4 miles, past Knightville's 1st entry on the right; cross a long narrow bridge high above the river and go up the long hill and cross a small cement bridge. After the bridge, go right on the marked access road; don't enter the new private driveway. Go down to the valley floor, turn left, upriver, and go for 0.8 mi. Cross the brook on the small cement bridge and continue upstream to the end. The main pool is on the right, with prominent paths leading to it, just before the first gate.


Potentially 5 Moons.


Knightville Dam Flood Control Area, Huntington, Mass. has extremely high potential for naturist use. It's been going on sparsely since the mid 50's at least that we know of. Whether this area becomes highly popular will depend on Naturists' behavior; be on your best if you go. Park well off the road. Leave no litter; take out any you find. MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, if any inappropriate behavior of any kind is seen, do what it takes to stop it. The Army Corps of Engineers oversees Knightville, knows about the nudity, and will probably continue to accept it, even if it occurs in large numbers, but we know several of these people personally. We can guarantee if people go there and decide to be sexual in public that the tow trucks will come THAT DAY (= a "make up the rules as they go along" situation and basically those in charge can do anything they want, and do) and the place will be lost forever just like so many others.

Knightville, closed during time of high water (several times a year or not at all, depending on the rains), is a 12 mile long wilderness area, a nature lover's paradise; all manner of flora and fauna can be viewed there, including the American Bald Eagle. Nudity is OK upriver of the small bridge; we take off our clothes there.

We can't stress enough that though nude use at Knightville has been well established for over 50 years, littering or inappropriate behavior will quickly bring closure of this area. Do your part and we'll have this 12 mile Naturist's paradise to bequeath to our children.

Just in case someone tells you that Chesterfield Gorge, Ireland St. Chesterfield, Mass, is a good place to go skinnydipping, we want to say that no matter who tells you, forget it; no natural sunning/swimming occurs there, and you may be arrested. The gorge is now owned by a private foundation which, in its wisdom, prohibits swimming even with suits on. In any case, poor alignment to the sun made this spot marginal. As a geological phenomenon, the gorge is worth seeing, which must be done with clothes on. A parking fee is charged on weekends when a ranger is present to enforce the swimming ban. Downriver from the gorge since ownership by the private foundation ends where the gorge ends, nudity is quite possible, since the area is so remote and there are miles of sunning rocks, but pools are few and far between. This river, the East Branch of the Westfield River, flows through Chesterfield Gorge then into Knightville FloodControl Area, a burgeoning Naturist's paradise.

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