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NOTE: these are OLD reports and are probably out of date.

o Lake Edun (Topeka, Kansas) Report. June 2001. I visited Lake Edun last week while on business. I had the place to myself, which is great for relaxation but not so great for socializing. What a beautiful location. There is a nice network of trails that extends around the lake for lots of wildlife viewing. The swimming is fantastic. Day trips would be great, but you have to plan for rustic camping if staying overnight. There is no running water, which also means no flush toilets. You can't beat the price for a wonderful getaway, but its clearly not a full-service resort. The idea of developing a non-profit Foundation for clothes-free education is a wonderful idea, possibly a model for other establishments to follow. Thanks Drew for the report!
o Lake Edun (Topeka, Kansas) Report. July 14-16, 2000. Just want to drop a note about the Return to Edun at Lake Edun in Topeka, KS this past weekend (July 14-16, 2000). This was my first trip ever to a naturist resort and I was pleasantly pleased with the Foundation and what they are providing for naturists all around the country and especially for naturists here in the Midwest. There are not many, or hardly ANY resorts, that accepts singles and I was pleased that Lake Edun does.... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)
o Lake Edun (Topeka, Kansas) Report. 1999. The trip started out on the web, first finding it through NetNude's directory of clubs and then emailing the club for directions. I was very surprised at the response timing, like next day, congratulations and thank you Webb! Getting the directions and printing them out I left for the unknown club early Saturday afternoon from Wichita. The drive there was an easy one. The directions were simple and easy to follow, again a thank you to Webb... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)
o Prairie Haven Report. August 2004. Twenty Miles South of Topeka KS on 75, near Scranton. A Co-Op Club offering a nudist environment. Amenities include: A club house featuring reading material, TV, and community kitchen. A very large, very nice shelter area with picnic tables and 10 ceiling fans. A children’s playground. 15’ by 30’ pool, 9’ deep. A hot tub with gazebo roof. A sheltered conversation area near the pool. 3 bath houses. Laundry area. Tennis Court. Petanque court. Storm shelter at office. First aid kits in all bathrooms. Electric available for tent camping. Full RV hookups (30 and 50 amp), and 2 rooms with queen size bed, a small fridge, Table and chairs, AC, and heater. Quiet hours are from 12pm to 7am. There is plenty of socializing at the pool. And from time to time impromptu pizza parties of carry out orders from Buzzards Pizza in Lyndon. No pets in the clubhouse or other facilities. No smoking in the clubhouse or other facilities. It is best to make reservations by calling. The Good: The pool and hot tub are nice, and the people are mostly friendly. The rooms are nice if small and include a fridge. They have a strict gate policy and do not have people roving in and out. It is only families that participate in this nudist environment. The covered area at the pool is a nice social area. The community kitchen should have everything needed. The Clubhouse has a small commissary with sodas and ice cream for sale. Kids are well behaved. The Bad: There seems to be a lot of politics going on in the Co-Op, to the point that some people are a bit snobby. There are some new hosts that are acclimating to the resort and that is causing some friction as always. Other than that, the biggest detractor is the bugs. I recommend as much deet as a person can stand. And that still may not be enough. Overall: My fiancée and I gave the following ratings. For Family-ness, a general indicator of the kid-friendly and family oriented-ness of the group, we gave a 9. For Posh-ness, an indication of the "nice clean and neat" and "carpet/Astroturf everywhere, with waiters" we gave a 5. For Amenity-ness, or the amount of things available to do, we gave a 5 as they could have more to do there, the clubhouse could be expanded. Overall we gave the place a 5. We felt that the bugs could have been reduced through using chemicals on the pond and bug zappers, etc. There could be a couple of dart boards added. The infighting and snobbish-ness could be toned down a bit. I think those things will push people away. But it is a nice peaceful place, so give it a try. Thanks jrnokes/pinky for the report.
o Prairie Haven Report. August 2004. The wife, baby and I arrived Friday night (August 27) just in time for a hard downpour shared with others under the shelter by the pool. The rest of the weekend weather was great and the facilities were very nice, great people too. We stayed in one of the cabin rooms, grilled out and had a great time. Thanks Maxx for the report.

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