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Laguna Del Sol - Motorcycle Poker Run

June 2002

Had been planning a motorcycle trip to LA to visit my sister and family around July Aug. Was surfing the net and came across the Motor Cycle Poker Run put on by Laguna del Sol .

So I changed my holidays to early June and added an extra week. I spent 4 nights there and had a blast. Just wish I had a companion with me. But non the less I was there by myself. Most of my trip from BC to the south end of Oregon was cloudy overcast sky's. By the time I hit the south end of Oregon and N CA the weather had cleared and started to warm up rapidly. By the time I got to Sacramento the temps where 100* + . Got lost in Sacremento . Got behind a truck and trailer and beside another and missed the turn off. So I ended up touring around the city a bit till I got back on track. Ended up getting there a day earlier than what I had said. But No problems.

Was shown a map and where I could set up my tent. Just got lucky I guess I picked a spot beside the lake where the sun didn't hit until after 9:30 closer to 10 AM . First night was well, let me put it this way, if you're camped by the lake make sure you have ear plugs. At first there was a couple Bull Frogs croaking. Then every one else had to get involved and you're listening to a hundred of them. Did not sleep well plus you always get the bump in the grass that always gets you in the hip or ribs! ! ! So after a couple of restless nights the Poker Run came to be.

I'm sure I was the only Canuck there. And the first I think. I didn't see any other Canadian Plates. When they update their page I will and should be able to pick me out of the photo of all the bikes and riders group photo. If possible I'll send it in. We lost one rider to a miss hap on a corner. He got the wind knocked out of him his bike didn't do as well as he did but thank God it wasn't serious.

It was their 7th annual and looking to try and make it again next year. Any ladies out there with or without MC's interested ? ? ? ? Met a great bunch of people there too. The only bad thing I had to say while I was there was. that their Web Page did not do their Club justice ! It is much more than what they say on the Web Page.

Out of 5, I would rate it 4 + I was totally impressed. Would love to hear back from some more Canadians who would like to do the trip next yr. Would love to see a a larger Canadian group. Even if it's a couple who do the trip. We've more than doubled our Canadian presence. All in all it was fun. And would love to hear from anyone who would be interested in going next year.

To get in touch with me, email the address above. Leave me a message and I'll get back to you ! !

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