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Singles at Lake Como, Florida

I was a member of Lake Como Club for many years. Joined in 1968 with open arms; no questions asked.

There were many singles, both male and female, and there was a delightful penalty for being single. The females waited on the tables. The males had to clean up in the kitchen. That way we really got to know each other in a friendly manner. I went to Como as often as possible. Was denied entrance to Fort Acre Club nearby.

Como is quite a trek from St. Louis. I even took my male roommate along later and he was accepted as a member. We were always welcomed by Mary, the late Cott and sons. Stayed in a nice motel room. Had plans on retiring there and purchasing a mobile home; my room mate passed away and dropped my membership.

I can hardly believe anyone ever being turned away because of being single unless the policy has changed. I even heard rumors that gays are welcomed.

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