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Lake Edun in Topeka, Kansas, United States.

July 14-16, 2000.

Just want to drop a note about the Return to Edun at Lake Edun in Topeka, KS this past weekend (July 14-16, 2000).

This was my first trip ever to a naturist resort and I was pleasantly pleased with the Foundation and what they are providing for naturists all around the country and especially for naturists here in the Midwest. There are not many, or hardly ANY resorts, that accepts singles and I was pleased that Lake Edun does.

From Friday noon to early Sunday morn, I had a blast enjoying the sun and the hot temps (107 deg)! Mostly I stayed in the beautiful Lake Edun and just enjoyed the warm water against my skin. I never had skinny dipped when I was a youngster and I am continually kicking my butt now for not doing so back then! Imagine, I wouldn't have all the hangups about my body if I did skinny dip when I was growing up. I would have seen that everyone has the same part, either long, short, skinny, or fat. I would have accepted my body as is and wouldn't worry about how Hollywood thought about me. DO NOT BE ASHAMED OF YOUR BODY!

Anyway....they have two docks out in the water, and just to lay out on the dock is just simply marvelous! Have you ever layed out on the dock under a full moon at 2 AM?? Try it, and you will just love it! LOL

The people at Lake Edun are the best! They are simply nice and go out of their way to help the visitors and members in any way they can. Webb and the gang should get Best Naturist Resort Club of the Year Award!

The music was supplied by the local bands of Topeka, including one awesome Jazz band from KC. Wow, was everyone just enjoying them! I hope they get to come back next year at Return to Edun!

In closing, if you want to have fun in the sun and just totally get relaxed from all the stress...go to Lake Edun!

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