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LBL (Land Between The Lakes), Tennessee, Report.



From Dover, Tennessee, take US 79 South 3 mi. to LBL on the right. Pick up a map. Have a ball.




As Naturism continually grows, remote areas like LBL will become more popular as we exercise the right to our fair share of public land use.

LBL evolved in two phases; in 1944, TVA created Kentucky Lake by damming the Tennessee. In 1959, construction began on Barkley Dam; in 1963, as one of his last official acts before his tragic, untimely demise at the hands of a maniac, President John F. Kennedy gave official approval to complete the project. Astride the Kentucky/Tennessee border between Barkley (Cumberland River) and Kentucky Lakes (Tennessee River), LBL has it all--300 sq. mi, 546 shoreline miles, few roads, 0 houses, clean water and air, 250 hiking trail miles, and more remote area than one could explore in an entire summer! For those wanting `civilization' between nude outings, five areas offer lakeside camping from primitive to full hookup,including Wrangler's, which even has a 55 stall horse barn providing just about everything but the horses.

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