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Lake Como Club - Report on Singles Friendly status.

Summer, 1998

Thought I would provide you with a brief summary of my experience at Lake Como Club in Florida this past summer. Perhaps it may help you with additional information for your excellent reviews of Single-Friendly Clubs Board in the US, specifically, for Lake Como.

I am a happy member of Paradise Lakes Resort next door to Lake Como. In no way do I feel critical of Lake Como, because they may do what they wish at their fine Resort. There does appear to be inconsistent policies for single women and single men at their Resort, however. It almost seems like it depends on whom is running the front desk as to whom gets admitted as a single male. Single females are treated consistently, I understand.

I don't think they wish to be listed as singles' friendly because they would like to be couples and single female oriented. I think they have such a nice club and all of the folks were just delightful to us, when I was last here! You should have seen the nice people who play the Petangue game trying to recruit players as they were walking down the street. Few people stopped to join us. They said they played regularly at 7 PMish every day. So, I thought I'd return and meet some more nice folks at the Petangue game. It didn't work out, unfortunately.

I am neither blaming nor faulting the good folks at Lake Como. The inconsistency of the policy is unsettling, which I feel is understandable. I guess if I were a single woman there, I would certainly enjoy having some single men to be admitted to the Resort.

The following email was written by Peter to Mary, November 1998, in response to an inquiry regarding singles. Posted on the NetNude Board by a member: "Posted by Mary on another message board: "I am trying to put together information for the Fall AANR Conference. I am asking all Male Single AANR members to give me some input. 1. Have you ever been refused admittance into a club because you are Single? 2. Have you ever been charged more that the couples rate? 3. Are you a member of a Landed/Travel Club? 4. Are you a direct/associate AANR Member? Thanks in advance for your input." Mary is some sort of officer in AANR. "


Hi Mary!

I'm now a single male. I'm a member of Paradise Lakes in Lutz. I first tried to get into Lake Como last summer, but the nice woman at the counter in the reception office informed me that it was for couples and families, only, at Lake Como. I would be welcome to come back, only, with a "lady friend". I chatted with her a little while longer and passed on to her that a female friend of mine and I had come out to Lake Como a year or so, previously, however, I was very happy for her that she was now married. (We still talk on the phone and meet for lunch at a local rest. every so often.) When we were at Lake Como, I said we had a great time with other folks playing the game in the evening, petangue (SP?), and that was the main reason why I was interested in Lake Como, versus other clubs in the area. They were always looking for people to join them in the game, but often had a difficult time recruiting new people! When we played, there were a number of single folks playing the game, as well. We had a very fun conversation, yet she was sorry to pass on the same news about coming back with a "lady friend".

A female member (name edited out by Jan) of the Message Board heard my situation and emailed me back that some single men have gotten into Lake Como the first time they applied. She expressed disappointment that some folks are obviously treated differently by the Club.

I hope this information helps you in your research.

Peter Gunn


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