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Lake Como, Land O' Lakes, Florida. March 1999.

My last visit to Lake Como came on a rainy day in Feb. of 1990 when I was 23. Oh my, what a difference.... and for the better.

This time the sun shines everywhere on Lake Como and in more ways than one. The last time I was visited there was not much to do, no public gathering places. This time, I checked in at around 6 p.m. on a Saturday and sauntered over to the "butt hut" a cute little bar by the lake. I quickly made friends with seven or eight people I had never met before, including the waitress in the restaurant, Debbie, who was the only person wearing clothes in this bar.

Almost everyone was a transplanted northerner and we all agreed that it was silly to live in the north and freeze all winter when you could relax naked in the butt hut and talk about it all winter.

Then it was on to the restaurant, where the help was really busy but just as friendly. A quick dip in the hot tub followed. Then we moved to the dance where, geez, everyone was dancing naked. How refreshing from the better-known nudist resort across the lake where, sadly, almost no one dances naked anymore. (But very, very many did in 1990.)

What I did find nine years after my first visit to Lake Como was a new vibrant resort with its own identity. There was more facilities to meet and talk to people than there were in 1990 and more opportunities to meet the wonderful people of Lake Como.

It is definitely a resort worth visiting again. You'll see me there on or around St. Patrick's Day in the next century.

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