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The Ledges, Vermont


As the leaves fell in the yard my thought was to rake them on this cool Autumn day. As I raked, a serpant hissed...

"Ledges! Last chance! Nudebeach!"

I abandoned the leaves and drove to Vermont. I saw my nakedness and was not ashamed. I was too cold to be! There were several cars there parked outside of the gate but all being careful to leave a 12 foot emergency vehicle passage and not to infringe on neighbors by blocking sideroads. There was no ticketing or towing that I know of and I trust that the Wilmingon police have better thing to do as long as parking doesn't become problematic.

The crowd was mostly Ledgee die hards and some took advantage of the cold weather to take rare pictures of the scenery. For those who have been there, cameras are a pretty rare thing at the Ledges except when few are there and it is practical to ask all atendees if it is OK to snap a few shots. A great way to become unpopular is to take a camera on busy day.

Water level was at kind of a medium level, or below the tower and just up to the lower of the stone platforms by the beach area. Just one brave soul (or perhaps a nut) went in for a swim. I don't know if his voice has always been so high.

Although it was a rather cold, windy and cloudy Autumn day, a day at the Ledges always is better than a day of raking leaves. Perhaps it is better than shoveling snow as well! Time will tell!

By the way, does anyone know of a Vermont ski hotel with a nude hottub? I like skiing, like hottubs, but no longer own a bathing suit.

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