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Little Beach, Maui

August 1998.

My wife and I visited Little Beach on Maui in August of 1998. Little Beach (also called Little Makena Beach or Pu'u Ola'i Beach) is located near the southernmost point of Maui, adjacent to Makena Beach (also called Big Beach). Drive south from Kihei, past the Maui Prince Hotel for 1.5 miles, then turn right to the parking lot for Makena Beach.

Big Beach is a gorgeous crescent beach, with bright colors that assault your eyes -- the turquoise ocean, sand the colour of "golden yellow" brown sugar, charcoal cliffs backing the beach, vivid green trees and bushes. But, sadly, no naked people.

So on to Little Beach, which is clothing-optional. To get there, you walk to the right as you face the water, and climb up, over and down a little rocky hill (don't worry, there is a path).

We visited Little Beach on a Sunday, which turned out to be a good choice. A real mix of people -- the majority naked, good mix of male and female, families with kids, a variety of races represented.

A really neat feature of Sundays at Little Beach is the drum circle that forms after noon. On the day we visited, there were as many as 20 musicians, mostly playing hand drums (African, Caribbean, South American). The beat continued non-stop for more than six hours -- wonderful background music that blends with the sounds of the surf.

Little Beach is a community as well as a beach, and many people visit regularly. Kids play games with their parents, people do yoga, friends chat with friends, dancers dance at the waterline, girls do cartwheels down the beach.

As the afternoon draws to a close, some people (mostly the clothed group) leave, and the now mostly naked group wait expectantly for the end of day. The drums increase in volume and tempo as the sun falls into the sea, and everyone looks for the "green flash" as the sun disappears. Shortly thereafter, people dress and pack up to leave, with hugs and kisses for their friends, and promises to return in a week's time.

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