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Lone Star Resort in Texas, USA.

Saturday, June 25, 2005.

Hey, everyone! I had a delightful adventure yesterday. Another MSN group I belong to, the Southeast Texas Nudist and Naturist Society, had a get-together at Lone Star Resort near Navasota. The missus, Jean, checked out their website and agreed to make a day trip with our daughter Celina. At the last minute, our friend Brenda, decided to go along with us. (Her husband, Ron, is my best buddy and is the world's leading hater of clothes. They are ones who helped me out of the closets closet.) Saturday morning we loaded up the car and headed out. After circling by Jack-In-The-Box for cholestoral on a bun, away we went.

Heading south from Dallas, we sailed down I-45 and found the exit at Conroe. Heading west, we wandered the bucolic hinterlands of central Texas. Our directions has us go from interstate highway, to four lane road, to two lane road, and thence to narrow county road. It was the last ten miles we observed more little churches than on any other stretch of the trip. Brenda and I noticed this on our last trips to Star Ranch and Oak Lake Trails. What is it about nudist resorts that attracts little conservative churches?

We made our last turn and found ourselves in the center of the piney woods of central Texas. We found the drive-way to the resort and drove up the the little office. The grounds were kempt and showed signs of recent mowing. We checked in, and the manager, Fluffy, was helpful and effeciently courteous. Her office showed she ran a tight ship. My workplace isn't as tidy.

We drove around the long curved driveway. Shade trees let dappled sunlight flow down on the volleyball and badminton courts, and to our surprise, the croquet lawn. Beyond that, a rather new looking children's playground complete with fort. A few travel trailers and a storage barn was to our right. We drove a bit further and found the pool and the pavillion where the group had set up. Behind the pavillion was a small fishing lake about the size of a football field. An outdoor kitchen complete with barbecue completed the grounds. I was impressed.

We met up with our hosts, Billy and Sheri, and proceeded to doff our clothes. I stripped down at the car and the ladies went into the pool's bathhouse to change. Imagine my shock when Jean strolled out in her birthday suit along with Brenda! Since Lone Star is geared for clothing-optional and the first-timer, Celina stayed in her swimsuit, and immediately chaffed at the bit to hit that lovely, cool pool! Brenda wanted to play with Celina, so the missus and I socialized with about 15 other people for a while.

It was a perfect afternoon. Billy and Sheri, and the others whose names have evaporated let us have the most wonderful time we've had at a social gathering in a long time. The food was delicious, the conversation lively, the pool was refreshing and I got to be nekkid! Celina did not want to leave! I certainly didn't. Jean had to talk me into putting my shorts on for the trip home.

Lone Star is geared more for camping and travel trailers, but I don't think it's primitive. It's simple, natural, and beautiful. The glow of the day stayed with us all the way home. Thanks to Brenda, she realized a short-cut that cut an hour off the trip home. Turns out that Lone Star is only a few miles off the back road she uses to visit her family.

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