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Lupin Naturist Club, California.

October, 2000.

In October I had the opportunity to spend 3 days at the Lupin Naturist Club. This was my second visit to Lupin, the first one happening earlier in the year but for only 1 night. That didn't leave me much time to enjoy the facilities so this time I was going to stay for awhile longer.

My early evening flight into San Jose arrived a bit late so I rushed to get from the airport to Lupin before the office closed. The Friday night traffic out of San Jose was stop and go, making the normally 25 minute trip take closer to an hour but I did end up arriving with plenty time to spare. They also let me know that after-hours arrivals are not a problem, so my worries about being late were needless. I had rented a car for my stay as I was visiting friends in the area but Lupin can arrange airport transfers for you if you choose. I would recommend getting a car so that you can visit other Bay Area nudist areas such as the Kiva Retreat House and the many beaches along the coast, although for your first visit you'll probably find that Lupin provides you with everything you could possibly want.

Lupin is situated in the hills that separate the south Bay Area from the coast. A pleasant, winding drive from scenic Hwy 17 gets you to the front gate. From there you'll see that the Lupin grounds gradually go up the hillside location. To get from one end to the other be prepared for a bit of an uphill walk. Don't worry about it too much as the walking will make the pool even more enjoyable. Also try not to worry about being only 7 miles from the epicenter of the 1989 earthquake, an earthquake that wasn't kind to Lupin although everything has been back to normal for awhile now.

I had called ahead to book one of their yurts for my 3 night stay. The yurt is a circular, canvas covered sleeping dome 16 feet in diameter. It is furnished with a comfortable bed, a few pieces of furniture, lights, a space heater, and an electric blanket. The electric blanket comes in handy as even summer nights can be cool. Lupin has other overnight options such as a dormitory, tents, a full service cabin, or simply unrolling a sleeping bag on a deck. If you're not into the camping thing I think that you'll find that the yurt offers a happy medium. You have the feeling of being a part of nature but with the comfort of a real bed. Just down the path from the yurts are outdoor washrooms and showers; just up the path in the clubhouse are indoor washrooms. Lupin has 10 or so yurts on site although I think that a couple of them have full time occupants. One other note about nights at Lupin: there is a lot of wildlife that roams around the grounds. A *lot*. If you venture out after dark you'll see cats, raccoons, deer, and skunks; the odd bobcat has also been known to make an appearance. The critters seem to be used to people wondering around and don't seem to worry about you so long as you don't worry about them. You do need to watch your step when making that late night run to the washroom or hot tub though.

When daytime arrives you'll get to enjoy all of the facilities that Lupin offers. Lupin has 2 swimming pools, one quiet and one where families and volleyball games gather, 2 hot tubs, a sauna, tennis courts, and so on. There is also lots of space to just lounge around. The hiking trails up the hills are worth the effort as you will be treated to some great views during the day and amazing sunsets at night. The trails also lead to some quiet spots in the sun that are great places to sit and read a book.

The Lupin clubhouse includes a full service restaurant that offers a number of gourmet and healthy meal choices (remember, you are in California) made by a professionally-trained chef. It also has a terrific wine and beer selection. Most weekends at Lupin feature some time of entertainment. On Saturday a magician performed for the young and young alike. The Lupin clubhouse turned into a dance hall Saturday night. On Sunday a wonderful folk singer played for several hours. Lupin publishes an entertainment calendar on their web site you can arrange your visit to coincide with your choice of activity.

The people at Lupin are extremely friendly. I talked with a number of great people while lounging around the pool and hottub. Visiting unaccompanied was definitely not a problem. The Lupin experience is definitely a model for other resorts to follow. If you are looking for a trip to make, or are already visiting the San Francisco area, make sure to put Lupin at the top of your list.

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