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Take Richville Rd. south from Rt. 30 in downtown Manchester, turn left on E. Manchester Rd. at the Post Office, pass under U.S. Rt. 7, turn right on Glen road, go straight on Lye Brook Falls Access Rd for 0.7 mi. to the end. Overnight parking of RV's for up to 14 days is allowed. For free tent camping for up to 14 days, follow the trail and the noise of the seemingly endless falls on the right upstream as far as you like. Enjoy!



5 Moons, PLUS!


We were wondering which area would end up with the honor of being #100 and we're truly glad it's Lye Brook Falls, a National Wilderness Area where in 1989, we wrote the story of the Rochester Topfree Ten, N 9.2, p.62 & 65-68. Located within the Green Mountain National Forest, Lye Brook just has to be the nude area closest to the center of a major town that we know of--Manchester, with all its famous shops and restaurants, along with supermarkets, cinemas, and fuel/service is less than 2 miles away! What a neat setup; we can do whatever shopping we need; less than 10 minutes later, we can be nude beside the crystal clear potable roaring waters of Lye Brook, camping for FREE for up to 14 days! (On second thought, The Cornfields may be closer to Brattleboro, but there's no camping there, and Lye Brook is a nicer area.)

Incidentally, don't let the name of the brook disquiet you; the water powered lye factory which once stood on the banks of the brook washed away more than 100 years ago, so the area has LONG since been cleansed. The ruins are JUST BARELY discernable on the left bank, 0.1 mi. from the parking lot.

HUNDREDS of miles of nude hiking trails, including the Appalachian and Long Trails, are available in the total wilderness south of Lye Brook-it's one of those spots where we free ourselves of clothing before we're even out of sight of the parking lot--and if one hikes far enough, one can reach Bourne, Stratton, Branch and Grout Ponds then go on to the totally Incomparable Somerset Reservoir area, a place we're convinced will become a haven for naturists in the future. Lye Brook's roaring flow sidewinds, dives, cataracts, and even seems to flow uphill in places, like a roller coaster gone wild as it plunges over 1,500 feet in its crazy descent, carving out an endless series of pools, flumes, and rapids. Where possible, walking right up the gorge on the boulders is the most challenging fun at Lye Brook. Compunuding this in the middle of winter at Sunny Sands is making us feel like and wishing we were there.

Tenting along Lye Brook's banks is a special treat; obtain a topo (USGS) map of the area, 7.5 minute series, if possible, for those provide the most detail, at the Northshire Bookstore on Main St, Manchester. This will enable one to see where to hike to and camp for incredible vistas of the Battenkill Valley, views of hang gliders taking off from Mt. Equinox, and breathtaking sunsets, then be lulled to sleep by Lye Brook's gentle roar. We can't say enough positive things about this area!

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