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First time at MAHESO, Maryland, USA.

August 2003

I want to share an experience that I had last week. I made my first visit to a resort.

I was in Washington D.C. for a series of meetings and needed a place to stay. With my wife's (supportive non-participant) consent and blessing, I stayed at the Maryland Health Society (MAHESO) resort. I stayed there Wednesday evening in a little rustic cabin and left early Thursday morning. It was my first formal experience in social nudity. It was amazing.

When I arrived, it was approximately 5:00 p.m. and in accordance with the request that I had made. I was met by a young man in his mid-twenties who was totally nude. I just kept thinking to myself, look at him in the eyes. I successfully did so and managed to keep my semblance of normalcy in an alien environment. He led me to the office where I was checked in by a woman, in her late twenties to early thirties. I was told that there were few people there because it was mid-week and that there were only three other guests than myself. The others there were mostly retired full-time residents. As I surveyed the complex, I was struck by the beauty of it and by its rustic nature. Aside from a swimming pool and clubhouse, one might believe that you were in the 1940-50s. I was also struck by how calm that I was. Very little anxiety.

I was showed to my cabin and had to immediately leave the resort to find a place to purchase food and some towels. They had neither on the premise. Upon returning, I unpacked my car and prepared myself for the upcoming adventure. When I readied by surroundings, I disrobed and found my way to the pool. There were a couple of other men there and we exchanged pleasantries. We talked for a while and I was again struck by how natural it all felt and how non-anxious that I was. I was at peace inside and out. The three of us chatted for a while and they later excused themselves. I was left alone to contemplate my surroundings.

It was when I was left alone that the reality of my situation came to me the greatest. I had the greatest desire for my wife to share this experience with me. I can't explain just how alone it felt. While still at peace, I longed for her to be there with me. It was like seeing the most gorgeous sunrise and having no one to share it with. While still a beautiful experience, it lost some of its luster. I found my way to the pool and took a long swim. The water while cool, felt wonderful on my body. The rush of the water brought back to mind images of skinny dipping with my brothers and friends during my childhood and adolescence. I was truly in my element. The air temperature was in the mid-70's and so toweled off rather than air dry. I then lay out under a cloudy sky and soaked in the environment.

People came and went during the early evening and I tried not to lose any of the moment. I later put on shoes and went for a short hike on one of their trails. The land was virtually flat but trees were everywhere. The ability to commune with God, naked and without pretense was amazing. I felt so alive. I did this regularly during the 18 or so hours that I spent there. As evening drew on, the air cooled and I needed to put on a shirt because my shoulders were cold and it had started to sprinkle. I was still unclothed from the waist down but felt no inhibitions about it. I was invited to an older gentleman's cabin for conversation and I did so readily. We had chatted earlier in the evening and quickly became engaged again. He lives in Las Vegas during the winter and we spoke of our joint love of Southern Utah and the national parks there.

After a while, I heard people at the pool again. The lights had been turned on as it was after dark. I found my way to the pool and to my surprise, there was a family of five there. Actually, it turned out to be three girls and their grandparents. I had talked with Mike, the grandfather earlier and it was through him that I arranged the visit. I joined them in the pool and Mike and I chatted for some time. I watched the family interact and again I missed my own family. I wanted them to be there sharing this amazing experience with me. The water was cooler than earlier in the evening and so I cooled quickly. I was invited by the family to join them in one of the member's hot tub. Mike and I chatted for another 45 minutes. We were joined later by another gentleman after the girls left. The three of us talked a bit longer and I had sufficiently pruned. I was utterly exhausted.

I went to bed that evening and slept deeply, utterly relaxed. I awoke earlier than I had expected. I got up and went for a morning walk, not wanting to waste my time there. Afterwards, I grabbed my toiletries and headed for the clubhouse and the shower. I showered and dried but waited to clothe until I absolutely had to. I packed my car and finally managed to get myself dressed. The thought of sitting through an entire day with tie and coat was not appealing, especially after that experience. The whole day, I thought of going back but had to catch a flight home.

When I left MAHESO, my thoughts kept returning to the short time that I spent there. I was constantly reminded throughout the day of how wonderful it felt. I was reminded every time my tie felt confining, my feet hurt from my shoes, and when I was roasting in the summer heat. I had a hard time keeping my mind on the tasks at hand. The members and everyone that I met at MAHESO did their best to make me feel at home and for that, I will be eternally grateful.

I personally would highly recommend it. It may not have all of the bells and whistles that other resorts do, but I had a wonderful first-time experience there. Delta

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