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Maui, Hawaii

October/November 1999

Have spent the last two weeks at The Maui Prince Resort, Makena, Maui, Hawaii. The Prince is one mile from the entrance to Little Beach, one of the best nude beaches I know of. We were at Little Beach about half of the days and the weather was great with nice surf for body and board surfing.

Last Sunday, from our hotel room, we could see a lot of activity around the cinder cone behind the beach. A helicopter kept circling and going down to the beach. We were not able to run into anyone who was there and am anxious to know what was going on. I asked a policeman but he knew nothing and said ask a day shift man. Haven't had the chance to do that. The date was Oct. 31 Halloween and time was about 12 noon. I hope it is not harrassment like on the Big Island and Oahu.

We leave for Kaui tomorrow 11-7. I am told Donkey Beach is being developed and no longer nude. We will check it out. Probably have to go to Barking Sands, the 15 mile beach at NW end of island. You can always be alone and go nude there. I prefer being with a group, but we will make do. On Kauai Barking Sands is not considered a nude beach but plenty of space to go nude if you desire, and we have been the last couple of days. Just found out Donkey Beach on Kauai is still open to nude use and plan to go tomorrow. When the condo construction gets going it will cease to be nude.

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