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August 1998

I travel to Denver for business several times per year. Back in June, my husband came with me on the trip, so together we traveled to the mountains and discovered Mountain Air Ranch. It was a friendly and welcoming place and I felt comfortable enough to visit by myself last week when I was out in Colorado again.

Mountain Air Ranch (MAR) is described as "Colorado's premier family nudist resort." It has been in existence for more than 60 years, so it is also one of the older clubs around. It was voted "friendliest club" by the AANR in 1995 and 1996 and they are very proud of that fact. I would concur--everyone I met was just terrific.

MAR is about a 40 minute drive southwest of Denver, located at 7,800 feet in the foothills of the Rockies. The club facilities include miles of hiking trails, volleyball, paddle ball, and camping sites--but most of the activity is located at the clubhouse and pool. The clubhouse includes a snack bar and ice cream stand. There is a sauna, hot tub, and large inground pool. Near the pool is a shuffleboard court, tetherball, and playground for kids.

MAR is not fancy--in fact, one fellow I talked with said they are proud of its rustic charm. But the openness of everyone I met would make me go back in a minute. It was clear that many of the folks there had been members for a long time and were all good friends. But instead of being "clique-y" or staying to themselves, they were delighted to have me visit for the day. Before long, I was telling stories about Maine and we were all sharing nudist jokes. It was fun! Although there are trailers and camping on site, I got the feeling that many people drive up for the day. Everyone had a cooler and a picnic lunch and by 4 in the afternoon, people had started to pack up and head for home. One woman, who was camping there with her husband, said it was very quiet during the week and a completely different atmosphere on Saturday (the day I was there).

I treated myself to a massage which was fabulous. Keith, a licensed massage therapist, has a place set up to the side of the clubhouse. Having a massage outdoors, looking at the mountains and pines, is an experience not to be missed!

MAR is open year round. They close up the pool in October, but the hot tub and sauna are open all year. One fellow said that they will have nice warm days all winter long--they just shovel the snow off the deck and catch a few rays and then warm up in the sauna if it gets too cold. Most of the activity, however, is during the summer.

All in all, I give high marks to Mountain Air Ranch. If you are traveling to Denver on business, try to find a few free hours for a visit. It is worth it!

Leslie Nicoll
August, 1998

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