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NOTE: these are OLD reports and are probably out of date.

o Forty Acre Resort Report. August, 2004. South of St. Louis Missouri, Forty Acres Club offers a nudist environment in the country setting 30 miles south. A Co-Op club, it is blessed with a nice club house featuring; pool table, dart boards, satellite TV, ping-pong table, sitting/reading areas, table/dining areas, a bar area, fireplace and a kitchen. Ice cream can be bought from the freezer. Outside the clubhouse includes: a petanque court, shuffleboard courts, two bath houses, a shelter house, 20’x40’ heated 5’ deep swimming pool, laundry area, community kitchen, fire pit, tent camping in reach of electric, full RV hookups (30 and 50 amp), and 5 rooms with queen size bed, a small fridge, AC, and heater. The 15% of the membership that resides on site assist in the dances, parties, wine tasting, progressive dinners, and get acquainted celebrations. There are no specific quiet hours, kids and pets are welcome. No pets in the clubhouse or other facilities. It is best to make reservations by the web site... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)
o Forty Acre Club Report. August, 1999. How should I describe my first socially nude experience? Let me start by explaining my background. I am Asian with a very conservative background. My country, Malaysia, has very strong Muslim influence. You are not supposed to dress revealingly, much less be nude. So, being socially nude is also breaking a big taboo for me. Jason, my fiancé and I, has been planning this trip for sometime. It was supposed to be our anniversary weekend and we wanted to do something special. We decided going to a naturist club should constitute as something pretty special. We drove early that Saturday morning and I was apprehensive enough to suggest to Jason that if I chicken out, let's go to Six Flags, which is not too far away from the 40 Acres Club.... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)
o Forty Acre Club Report. 1999. Hello Fellow Nudists, Pilly and I have recently attended the 40 acre club in Londell Missouri. We were there August 7th and 8th and had a wonderful time. It was Pilly's first social nude experience and everyone at the club made her feel very comfortable. We arrived saturday at about 11 am and it was pouring down rain but we decided to go, rain be damned. The club itself is located about an hour and a half southwest of St Louis and about an hour and 45 minutes southeast of our town of Columbia. There are main highways up until maybe the last 2 miles to the club which are dirt roads but in very good shape. You pull up to a gate, ring the bell 3 times, someone will come down , check you out, open the gate, and then escort you to the office. As i said it was pouring down rain but someone still arrived promptly at the gate in a golf cart.(members have a code to the gate) We were checked in to the club paid our $20 ground fees and were politely asked to disrobe... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.) August, 1999.
o Forty Acre Club Report. 1999. We just read the review Jay and Pilly did on the Forty Acre Club and could hardly believe it was about the same club we visited last year! When we went, we were treated coldly, put in a terrible campsite and told little more than the membership price and the fact that if you're a member and don't show up to the 2 (spring & fall) clean up weekends that a fine of $100 is levied against you for each time you don't show. It's not like we're new to this, we've been to 15 other clubs and met lots of nice friendly people... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.) (Note from Jan: Additional information from a board member of the Forty Acre Club included with report.) This report is brought to you by a couple that visited Forty Acre Club.
o Show Me Acres Report. August 2005. After trying clothing optional recreation in more private settings, we decided to try a more social approach and recently visited Show Me Acres at Stover, Missouri. Choosing to tent camp, we were not disappointed. We got perfect directions and found our way to an upscale front entrance made of brick, wrought iron and two bronze lions, which served as a very nice place to take pictures as we were leaving. "Such a classy entrance," I thought to myself, "I hope this is not a snooty place." As we meandered down the country road the place is truly the Ozarks with hills, views, fields and forests (we call 'em the "woods") of majestic oaks and hickories and we saw turkeys and deer before we even got past the main gate. As we arrived right after the opening time we were able to view the grounds without a lot of activity to become accustomed to the setting. The place is nice. Lots of open lawn area, 300 acres in trees, trails, camp sites, creeks and wildlife, a "club house" in the lower level of the owners' residence (thank goodness they had ice and other sundries to sell), sporting equipment (that we never got to because we worked so hard at relaxing) and an outstanding 50' pool and its accompanying 20 person (I am guessing as I don't think it ever filled up) hot tub, both connected by a huge deck. The water was not what we expected, it was much better. It felt smooth and silky, almost like hot spring mineral water. Everything sparkled and appeared almost, if not, new and the showers and facilities were conveniently constructed right below the pool deck. There were even outside showers on the facilities level and the pool deck. Bob and Dianne have done a great job in thinking through their desisgn ideas and we look forward to returning again this year as well as in the future. Right now designed for day use and camping (tent or RV) the owners proudly show you the blueprints to the planned motel which is beginning to be built. Several times during our weekend getaway I kept thinking back about my wondering at the front gate if this was going to be a snooty place and chuckled to myself. IT IS NOT!!! The place (we country folks tend to call our property our "place") is very nicely thought out, in a beautiful Ozark Mountain setting, friendly owners, friendly people and well worth your efforts to try out. I recommend them to anyone. Thanks for a great time, Bob and Dianne. Thanks R & S for the report.
o Show Me Acres Report. 2000. I had to write to you about Show Me Acres near Stover, Missouri. My wife and I were recently introduced to nudism at Hippie Hollow on Lake Travis near Austin, Texas. After returning to Southwest Missouri, we wanted to find someplace closer to home. We found Show Me Acres on your website and called Bob and Dianne to make arrangements to visit.... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.) Summer, 2000.
o Show Me Acres, Stover, Report. March 26, 2000. My wife and I just returned from a day trip to Show Me Acres. It is a new camp just starting with the opening date of May 1. It is a 120 acre camp with two creeks flowing thru the camp. It is in the Northern Ozarks and as common to the area the creeks have rock bottoms and small water falls. It is heavily wooded and has hiking trails following the creeks. The owners have cleared several camp spots and they have a grass area for tents. They are also completing a new solar heated pool and hot tub. They will have indoor and outdoor showers and restrooms and a full kitchen for cooking. I would recommend this camp for anyone that wishes to visit. As the owners still work full time, they are open only on weekends. They can be contacted at 573-377-4348 or website link above. Thanks Joe and Annette for the report.

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