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Mountain Air Ranch Report.

August 2004

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Twenty Miles South of Denver, CO. Mountain Air Ranch is a Co-Op Club offering a family nudist environment. Amenities include: A large club house featuring reading material, pool table, restaurant, and Ice cream shop. A nice bath house with sauna and children’s play room. A 15’ by 30’ pool, 9’ deep. A hot tub with gazebo roof. A tree shaded conversation area near the pool. 2 bath houses. Tennis Court. Volleyball Court. 5 RV spots (30 amp), without water and with dump-station, and 5 rooms with queen size bed, Table and chairs, and heater. Hiking trails are available for exercise.

Quiet hours are from 12pm to 7am. There is plenty of socializing at the pool. And from time to time groups meet at the hot tub to peer at the stars from the 7800’ elevation while soaking. No pets in the clubhouse or other facilities. No smoking in the clubhouse or other facilities. It is best to make reservations by calling.

The Good:

The pool and hot tub are nice, and the people are fairly friendly. They will give you a gate code if you should need to go in and out. It is mostly families that participate in this nudist environment. The tree covered area at the pool is a nice social area, and needed at 7800’ (Don’t forget the 45 sun block!). The community kitchen was really nice and large. The Clubhouse has a restaurant and Ice cream shop. Kids are well behaved. There are lots of wildlife on the grounds including rabbits, foxes and the occasional dumpster visit by a bear.

The Bad:

The management is not very helpful. They don’t seem to know what is available and they aren’t willing to assist. We had to rent a motel room our first night in town after making arrangements with them over 30 days in advance and calling the week that we left for the trip. We called once we hit the Colorado border and their instruction got us promptly stuck in Denver traffic for 3 hours. When I questioned them about it, they said “we don’t know anything about Denver traffic” yet they are less than 20 miles from 470 around Denver. I asked for a tent site with electric and they said that they had nothing. I drove up the hill to find several open and went back and paid the extra. The manager then stopped by to question my setting up there, even though I had put the proper permit on the dash of the car where I was told to put it. In three days at the resort I couldn’t even get a tour of the grounds. There seems to be a bit of politics going on in the Co-Op, to the point that some people stay in their own little cliques. There seems to be a water shortage problem as there are “conserve water” signs everywhere, as well as the bathroom signs that read “If it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down.” Also, don’t plan on camping unless you are ready for the July evening temperatures of 45 degrees. The bathrooms were a bit dirty, the place was a bit pricey compared to other resorts of the same caliber and there was no drainage on the tent sites. Oh, and getting from the camping to the pool is two flights of stairs, at 7800 feet elevation it’s a workout. I would not be so down on the place, but I called over three months in advance and was never told there were any problems, including when I asked what the temperature was.


My fiancée and I gave the following ratings. For Family-ness, a general indicator of the kid-friendly and family oriented-ness of the group, we gave a 9. For Posh-ness, an indication of the “nice clean and neat” and “carpet/Astroturf everywhere, with waiters” we gave a 5. For Amenity-ness, or the amount of things available to do, we gave a 5 as they could have more to do there, the clubhouse could be expanded. Overall we gave the place a 3. We felt that the management was the biggest problem. They were almost uncooperative, and were certainly unfriendly. If it had not been for the friendliness of members, I think we would have left the very first night. I also met other ex-members at Prairie Haven, that were so disappointed with the place that they drive 8 hours from the Denver area to go to Prairie Haven. But hey, this is just one experience. Give it a try, be aware of the problems and maybe it will work out for you.

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