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NOTE: these are OLD reports and are probably out of date.

o Gunnison Beach Report. Summer 2005. We decided to take a little break, and went up to New Jersey this week for two days, to go to Gunnison. I think we picked the best two consecutive beach days of the month! It was great, nice and hot, blue skies, sunny. Once I got there, I realized I was still kind of "sore" from the whole incident a few weeks back [Chuck's note - boyfriend had made unkind comments about her weight]. I ended up staying fully dressed in my beach dress the first day. After a tearful discussion, I ended up wearing my bathing suit on for the rest of the time. But actually, I was very comfortable with that, and enjoyed the rest of the time, went in the water, and so forth. Not sure if it was always like this on our former trips, but there are actually quite a few women who are in suits, and many who have just bikini bottoms or thongs on (going topless, in other words)... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)
o Gunnison Beach Report. Summer 2001. My wife and I had enjoyed nudism at Higbee beach in south NJ for a few years before Cape May NJ officially outlawed nudity there. It's a rather sad story actually. Higbee is a very small strip of sand right next to a wildlife reserve. This beach has been clothing optional for many years before the internet popularized it. The problem is that its small size could not support the increasingly larger and larger numbers of people that began frequenting it, and the area suffered environmentally. There was no trash collection so the beach became more and more dirty, a cigarette but here, a coke bottle there etc. Then there were the crowds spilling over into the small and weak dunes... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)
o First Time at Rock Lodge Report. Spring 2005. After so many years I was about to do something I had only dreamed about. I think my first recollection of hearing about nudism was when I was maybe eleven or twelve. My family had a membership at a local "Swim Club." A sixties suburban style of summer diversion. Every other Saturday night there were activities for the adults. A dinner dance or mystery trip. Once per season they would go to a "nudist colony." I have a feeling that my parents were some of the ones that actually would get naked. I never asked them about it. I have been interested in nudism ever since... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)
o Sandy Hook Trip Report. August 2003. Thursday, Day 1 ...... Drove to N.J. to meet my cyber-friend Larry. He gave me a great tour of New Jersey. Friday, Day 2 ....... Took the train to NYC, walked from Penn Station to 72nd St. Had the most amazing Pizza I've ever had. Stopped in every store along the way, checking out t-shirts, and hunting for Air Conditioning. I must have sweated off 15 pounds on this trip....... Man!!! It was hot & humid. Met the Naked Cowboy at Broadway & 46 or 48th streets. Had my pic taken with him. Amazed the crowd with a TOPFREE pic. I wonder why he didn't know it was legal for me to be top free? He was top free. Rain started and we sat for a while, to decide our options. We packed the camera and cell phones into plastic bags, and braved the storm. We continued walking up Broadway to the studio where Letterman does his show, and Larry took a picture of me, (Wet t-shirt Contest) with the sign for HOOTERS in the background... click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)
o Sandy Hook's Gunnison Beach Report. July 2003. My wife and I went to Sandy Hook's Gunnison Beach on Sunday. It is better than ever. To get there from New York City go either to Exit 11 on the New Jersey Turnpike and south on the Garden State Parkway or take the Verrazano to 287 to the Outerbridge Crossing and thence to the Garden State. Get off the Garden State at the Keyport exit (labeled Sandy Hook) which you can reach from both the express and local lanes. Drive down the (horrid) NJ 36 strip mall road for about 12 miles (it seems like 100) until the bridge. Get in the right lane on the bridge, and at the end of the bridge make the hard right, crossing under the bridge, and going north to Sandy Hook. There is a $10.00 per car entrance fee... click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)
o First Time at Sandy Hook Beach Report. August 2001. My wife and I recently enjoyed our first nudist experience, and I'd like to share it with your readers. Over the past weekend, my wife and I took a trip to Sandy Hook Beach in NJ. As you may know, the park on which the beach is located is a federal park and, therefore, has a large nude area... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)

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